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Wow! Dilip Kumar Turns 93? His Best Fashion Moments Over The Years

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Dilip Kumar turns 93! Hurray! Dilip Kumar was born Muhammad Yusuf Khan. In Bollywood, he is popularly known as the Tragedy King. He had ruled Bollywood over six decades with over 60 movies in his pocket. Dilip Kumar has reached his golden age and we couldn't get any happier. 

However, the young Dilip was the ladies man. His cute-boy face and side-parting used to sweep girls over their feet. And we are not even surprised when we hear that Dilip had a line of affairs with the most beautiful actresses of that time, to name a few: Madhubala, Kamini, and of course, he married the prettiest Saira Banu. 

Since Bollywood stars have a huge role play when it comes to influencing fashion, Dilip Kumar was no less. His ardent fans would copy his character's style after every movie. He became a huge fashion icon. We don't doubt that a second. Who wouldn't fall for that beguiling smile and charismatic eyes? 

So on this remarkable day, when the Tragedy King adds a number to his age, we are going to feature his best fashion moments. 


The New Age Dilip Kumar

This is one of the latest pictures of Dilip Kumar. Here, he looks dapper in a black blazer, white shirt and a black tie. For those who don't know, this Dilip's trademark style.


Drunken Dilip Kumar In Devdas Flaunting Scarf

Though you cannot make out the colours. But the trend of wrapping a scarf around was a massive hit.


Salim In Vibrant Orange

One of the most fashion-inspired movies 60s, Mughal-e-Azam. The vibrant colours, kurtas, dresses of Salim was a notable work.


Young Dilip Kumar In Andaz

Here, Dilip looks remarkably good in a white blazer and stripes tie.


Dilip Kumar With Wife Saira Banu

Here Dilip is sporting a check kurta. He started cladding these kurtas long before it influenced the 90s.


Scarf Fad!

Dilip is again flaunting his blue colour scarf. we like how he has matched the scarf with beige kurta and sleeveless brown jacket.


Sweater Atop Shirt

If you think this style became popular in the 20s, you are wrong. Dilip has flaunted this style long before you came in existence.

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Story first published: Friday, December 11, 2015, 11:00 [IST]
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