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Dharmendra Turns 80! 4 Most Fashionable Characters Of Dharmendra

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Dharam paaji turned 80 today, and we cannot get any happier. Dharamendra known as the He-man of the Bollywood has hit a new era in his life today and nothing makes us more delightful than covering a piece on the good old Dharmendra's era.

Who doesn't remember the playboy Veeru, the lover boy Parimal Tripathi and the good-looking Prakash? Dharmendra might have bid his farewell to Bollywood, but his everlasting glory will remain with his audiences.

If it wasn't of him, we could never had the memorable drunk-threatning-to-suicide scene in Sholay. He has given us many characters to smile at, many moments to laugh at and many more to remember. So when on the day when he is entering his 80s, let's take a look back at four of the most fashionable Dharam paaji's characters. 

Character 1: Veeru, Sholay

Dharmendra turns 80

Needless to describe Veeru. Besides getting drunk and flirting with Basanti, Veeru had an unackowledged talent. And that was to look rugged hot. He was disheveld and unshaved, but boy! he made girls drool over his crass persona. There were not many costume changes in the movie, the outfit below was the most dominaited one. The set of light blue pants and jacket, matched with a dark blue tank top was hit among youngsters in those days.

Character 2: Parimal Tripathi, Chupke Chupke 

Dharmendra's most fashionable character

Parimal is yet another name that is an introduction in itself. In the film, majorly Parimal was called as Pyaare Mohan. The clean shaven look and trimmed haircut of Dharmendra in a driver's uniform was a treat to eyes. 

Character 3: Dharam, Dharam Veer

Dharmendra Birthday Special

Not so fashionable as per the moder age. But the reckless Dharam swooned many ladies with his charisma. The brown blacksmith's knee-length tunic was the great wardrobe choice of that time. 

Character 4: Prakash, Purnima

Dharmendra in the movie Purnima

Prakash was this handsome hunk who swept women off their feet. His clean shaven and side parting was admirable. In addition to his good looks, his white ensembles were a cherry on the top.

So those were the 4 most fashionable characters of Dharmendra. What do you think? 

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 8, 2015, 16:30 [IST]
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