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Deepika Padukone Looks Like An Overly Dressed Fox At Giant Awards

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Deepika Padukone hardly gives us any occasion to mock her fashion. She is one of the top-notch fashionistas of Bollywood who we adore. Unfortunately, at a recent award show, Deepika took her fashion skills to another level. Or, a rather excessive level. 

Deepika attended Giant Awards in Mumbai. Most of the times, Deepika is breathtaking at the red carpet but this time, she planned to look like a fox. 

We are not kidding. See for yourself...

Deepika Padukone, A Fox In Disguise?

Deepika picked a Sabyasachi piece for this event. She has picked this straight from the runway. While on the runway, you can get away looking like a fox but on the red carpet, you cannot. We have no problem with the separates used in this ensemble. It is arguably one of the finest pieces crafted by Sabyasachi. 

Deepika Padukone, A Fox In Disguise?

But putting them all together is a bit too much to handle. The sheer kurti in two layers is embellished with fine shimmery work. If Deepika would have worn only the kurti as a dress with her sleek hair and lipstick, it would have been the outfit of the year. But no. She chose to add the puke-inducing pants. 

Deepika Padukone, A Fox In Disguise?

The style expertise gone for a toss in a second. Also, if you care to notice the tulle cape...  Now let's talk about the fur neckline. Seriously? What is this? This could have transpired a black maxi gown but on this dress, it is just making Deepika look like a human version of fox. 

At least Deepika can use this outfit for the upcoming Halloween party.

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