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Oh My God! Is That Bride Deepika Padukone?

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Deepika Padukone has done it yet again! She again stopped us dead in our tracks when she walked for Anju Modi's Bajirao Mastani Collection. Her royal persona and bridal character was absolutely gorgeous. We loved how Anju has paid attention to details and has maintained the same shade of color, brown and red. 

Anju Modi is one of the renowned designers in India. She is famous for her costumes contribution in the movie Raam Leela. Remember Deepika Padukone's Gujrati styled lehenga, yes, that was Anju's work. Also, do you recall the hot item number by Priyanka Chopra and the hot ensemble, even that was Anju's beguiling ensemble.

Now here she is, again ready to awe-struck us with her grand wardrobe collection in Bajirao Mastani. From the trailer we got a lot of hint of the costumes, they are magnificent. Well, we think we have said enough, it's time for a show. Sit back and scroll the slider and let us know what do you think of Queen Deepika Padukone.


Presenting The Royal Deepika Padukone

Wow! Was our first word when looked at her. Deepika looks like a queen from Mughal dynasty. We really loved the delicate use of colors, very bridal.


Deepika Padukone's Queenly Persona

Here you can see a neat view of Deepika jewelry. Mang tikka, nathni and the grand necklace, look scintillating and enhance the entire look of ensemble. Also, take notice of Anju's use of velvet side shawl.


The Back of The Ensemble

Well, what can we say? It is as grand as the front. The drape of shawl is very neatly done. And the affair of net with the skirt is worth paying attention to.


Deepika With The Star Herself, Anju Modi

Enough credits to Deepika, let's talk about Anju as well.

Anju Modi has yet again proven herself in the fashion world. The Bajirao Mastani ensembles are one of her finest works.

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