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8 Trendiest Bollywood Bikinis That Won Our Hearts

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It's the season of bikinis and beaches. You can do the latter without the former. Since our everyday fashion massively influenced by Bollywood, beach fashion is no less. Indians don't have a bikini culture. On the top, we have huge body issues. Many are bogged down by the thoughts that if their bodies are good enough for a bikini. They are too fat, too skinny, too short.

The real thing is, there is no rocket science to wear a bikini. All you have to do is put on one (regardless of what body size you are) and put it with confidence. 

But our Bollywood divas are shaming this bikini fear, one stunning bikini at a time. You may say that these Bollywood actresses are so well maintained but the truth is, they wear it with utter confidence and that's why everything else lags behind.

Since it's the season of beach, sun and sand, today we are going to cover the top 8 Bollywood bikinis of all time. These bikinis set the silver screen on fire and raised our fashion bar. 


Sharmila Tagore's Printed Black Bikini

Kudos to this lady! The first woman to wear a bikini on screen. She paved the way for many Bollywood divas to drop the bikini fear and be comfortable in their skin.


Parveen Babi In A Black Bikini

Parveen Babi was another one of bold ladies who shunned away the body shamers and social taboos.


Kareena Kapoor's Mint Green Bikini

Kareena dropped a bomb with her zero figure and her bikini, of course. It became a huge hit and we got a reason to copy her yet another time.


Priyanka Chopra's Golden Sequin Bikini

Priyanka looked super hot pulling this one-piece in the movie Dostana.


Deepika's Red Hot Bikini In Cocktail

Deepika, as usual, gave us new fashion goals with her sexy red bikini.


Anushka's Black Bikini

Probably, the hottest of all so far. Blame her height. Anushka looked good wearing a black string bikini.


Sonam's Pink Bikini

Sonam looked flaunting her figure in a bikini bandeau. This was from the movie Bewkoofiyan. Although the movie did not get popular, but this bikini did.


Alia Bhatt's Yellow Bikini

Alia Bhatt looked stunning in this yellow string bikini and an overlay over bikini panty.

So are you going to shun away your inhibitions and wear that bikini? Come on! You got to wear it! It's the beach season. 

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