7 Biryani Recipes For Eid

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The festive blast in India continues. After the 10 day long festivities of Navratri, we are ready to celebrate Bakra Eid now. No Eid celebration is truly complete with delicious foods. Eid recipes like kebabs, sheera, razala and most importantly biryani holds the court at dinning table on this festive occasion. Every region in India usually has its own unique biryani recipe.

As there are several types of biryani prevalent in India, we have given you an ensemble of various biryani recipes to choose from. There is the special Mughali muttin biryani that came from the shahi bawarchi-khanas (royal kitchens) of the Mughal emperors. Rich and aromatic spices are the trademark of any Mughali food. Equally famous is the Luckowi biryani that delighted the Nawabs of Awadh. It is much milder on the spices but just as delicious as the Mughlai variety.

When we go down South, the Nizams of Hyderabad give us the Hyderabadi Dum Biryani recipe. Dum biryani is a category by itself because it is prepared in a particular way. In God's own country Kerala, we can discover the charms of the Malabar style biryani. You can smell the sweet scent of the young banana leaf in this biryani recipe along with the rich taste of coconut.

Moving East, we get the special taste of Kolkata Biryani that was improvised from its Lucknowi cousin. It is much lighter in spices and the only biryani that comes with a potato. Sindh may not be part of India anymore but the Sindhi beef biryani will always be a part of our cuisine. There is also the coastal innovation of the prawn biryani that could also make a very different Eid recipe.


Mughlai Mutton Biryani

Mughlai mutton biryani is the authentic biryani recipe brought to India by the Persians.


Lucknowi Biryani

This biryani was devised to please the Nawabs Of Awadh.


Kolkata Biryani

When the Nawabs of Lucknow were exiled in Bengal, the brought their special recipe of biryani with them. Thus was born a new style of cooking.


Prawn Biryani

Coastal India adds seafood instead of meat to their biryani.


Sindhi Beef Biryani

This biryani is made with a lot of vegetables along with the beef.


Malabar Style Biryani

Seasoned with curry leaves and broiled with coconut milk, this is the perfect South Indian biryani.


Hyderbadi Dum Biryani

Hyderabadi Dum Biryani is a special dish that cooked in Andhra-style.

1. Mughlai Mutton Biryani: This is special Mughlai preparation of Biryani. Mughlai biryani is always cooked in vessels that are sealed with a a dough kneaded with flour.

2. Lucknowi Biryani: Known for using delicate spices and being lighter in colour than the Mughlai Biryani.

3. Kolkata Biryani: Improvised from the Lucknowi biryani. This biryani is cooked with meat, rice and potatoes.

4. Prawn Biryani: This dish is popularly made in the coastal parts of India where seafood is abundantly available. In Goa it is called Kolambi Bhat.

5. Sindhi Beef Biryani: The speciality of this beef biryani is that it is cooked with lots of vegetables along with meat.

6. Malabar Style Biryani: Like most south Indian dishes, coconut is used to flavour this biryani. It is served on banana leaves and that too adds to its flavour.

7. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani: For most biryanis, the meat and rice and cooked separately and then combined. But for dum biryani meat and rice and cooked together.

Off all the Eid recipes, biryani is the most loved by people. So make sure you choose a different type of biryani for your family to feast on.

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