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Best Recipes For This Onam


God's own country, Kerala is all set to celebrate Onam tomorrow the 28th of August. Onam is celebrated for ten days and tomorrow is the final day of Onam.

Changing Trends In Onam Festival

Keralites are all excited to celebrate the festival. On this special festival, we have a varity of dishes to serve.

There are many traditional dishes that are prepared for onam. Though the recipes for the dishes have changed and have been modified over the time, they are always cooked and served with love.

So, today we are giving you the list of best foods that you can prepare for Onam. Take a look and have a wonderful festival.

Significance Of Each Day In Onam

Do prepare these dishes and let us know your experience.


1.Kaalan :

Kaalan recipe is a must in for Onam. This is prepared using yougurt and coconut. Most Keralites love kaalan.


2 Avial:

An easy Avial recipe is what you need this Onam. Avial is a traditional Onam recipe that is prepared for the feast.


3.Tomato Rasam:

Rasam is basically a hot Indian soup that is good for digestion. This is served in the main course in the menu.


4. Pachadi:

One of the unique items served on Onam is the beetroot pachadi. It is a kind of chutney made out of grated beetroot and curd along with a medley of Indian spices. The colour of dish looks amazing as it turns light pink when completely done. Needless to mention, the taste is simply divine.


5. Ada Payasam :

Ada payasam is the best dessert recipe that is cooked for onam in Kerala. This dish is made using the basic ingredients available in the house. Though it takes some time to prepare, its taste is worth it.


6. Errishery :

Errishery is a very popular Kerala recipe that is mostly made with pumpkins. People love to savour errishery as one of the onam recipes. This is a very simple pumpkin recipe that can be easily made with a few ingredients. Being a part of the traditional Kerala cuisine an errishery recipe is very popular. Pumpkin errishery is a simple vegetarian dish that is loved by all due to its delicate flavours and aroma.


7. Rice Puttu:

This is one of the best breakfast recipes which is famous in all parts of Kerala. The healthy breakfast is easy to make and is not time consuming too.


8. Cabbage Thoran :

Thoran basically means any dry vegetable dish. So cabbage thoran is a dry dish made out of chopped cabbage leaves. This Onam recipe can be prepared with or without onions. But as there is no hard and fast rule, we will prepare cabbage thoran with onions and lots of zesty South Indian spices.


9. Banana chips:

Banana Chips, one of the famous snacks you can try out is banana chips. Ripened bananas are fried in oil and coated with sugar or honey to enhance the sweet taste of this snack.


10. Inji Puli :

Inji Puli is essentially a chutney made out of ginger, tamarind, green chillies and jaggery. It will tingle your tongue with its spicy, tangy and sweet taste.

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