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Nine Instant Anytime Meal Recipes


A shout out to all the ladies out there! Was it a hectic day for you today? If yes, take a deep breath and listen to this wonderful news. Yes, you have a good news and that is, we shall give you the list of instant recipes that you can prepare!

Wow, that sounds just great, isn't it? Well, these food recipes can be prepared instantly and we guarantee on the amazing taste!

These instant recipes are a combination of the best food recipes that are famous accross the country.

Some of the instant recipes that we're going to share with you can help you in your weight loss dreams too! So, now you don't have to worry about gaining weight and can also remain stress free.

These instant recipes can be prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner.So, why wait, take a look at the instant recipes that you can prepare with ease.



Upma is a very famous South Indian dish that can be prepared instantly and its very easy. You can prepare vegetable upma or a plain upma. This is tasty and helathy too. Take a look at this recipe that can be prepared instantly.



Khichdi is also known as pongal is a very healthy dish. If you are under diet, doctors too prescribe khichdi, which aids in weight loss. So, try this easy and instant recipe.



Idli too is a South Indian recipe, which can be prepared in no time. Idli is oil free and healthy too. In most of the houses, the batter is prepared at home, else you can buy the batter from the super market stores. So, take a look at how to prepare different types of idli.



There are varieties of sandwich that you can prepare for breakfast and also pack it for lunch. If you are a non veg lover, you can add your favourite chicken piece and taste the juicy chicken sandwich.

This is one of the easy and instant recipe that you cam prepare for breakfast and dinner.


Dosa recipes

The most easiest and tastiest recipes are from the dosas. This is quick to prepare and you will never get bored of eating the dosas. So, read to know the types of dosas you can prepare instantly.


Aloo Dum:

When you know, you have a busy day all you can do is prepare rice and then prepare the aloo dum. This is the best side dish, also you can mix it with hot rice. This is one of the instant recipes that you can prepare for breakfast and dinner.


Egg Burji

Most of them follow the same egg burji recipe, but take a look at this recipe that can be prepared fast and tastes the best.



Poha is a common and tasty breakfast recipe. If you are bored to cook another lunch recipe, all you can do is prepare more poha and pack that for lunch. This will save your time


Palak Pulav

To start your day with a healthy note, palak pulav is very ideal. You can chop the spinach a day before and keep everything ready. Palav helps in better digestion of food and also improves our health. So read to know the instant and easy to prepare palakpulav recipe.

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