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Rice Recipes

Top 10 Veg Rice Recipes
Rice is the most celebrated cereal in India, which is cherished across the whole country in diverse shapes, sizes, textures and flavours. Rice recipes can feature in any type of cuisines, be it appetizers, mains or mouthwatering desserts. Just the mention ...
Top 10 Veg Rice Recipe

Nine Instant Anytime Meal Recipes
A shout out to all the ladies out there! Was it a hectic day for you today? If yes, take a deep breath and listen to this wonderful news. Yes, you have a good news and that is, we shall give ...
Herb Fried Rice Recipe For Better Health
Monsoon brings along a lot of sickness which is why it is important to consume foods which will help beat any form of virus or germs. Foods that contain herbs are a must for you to enjoy during the monsoon, therefore, ...
Herb Fried Rice Recipe For Better Health
Roasted Chicken Lemon Rice Recipe
Chicken is a preferred ingredient among those who want to lose weight. When you add chicken to any rice item it should be grilled or fried first with rich spices. This lemon rice recipe is unique in nature as it ...
7 Cool Curd Recipes For The Summer
Summer is one season which gives us a reason to indulge in curd. The probiotic ingredient is the best as it helps to keep you healthy during the hot weather. In summer it is nice to opt for dishes which have ...
Seven Cool Curd Recipes For The Summer
Milk Rice Recipe To Increase Breast Milk
Post pregnancy the body feels tired and weary. It is important for women to consume healthy food and most of all it is essential to opt for foods which will increase breast milk. Today, there are a lot of women who ...
15 Minutes Spicy Curd Rice Recipe
The summers are torrid in India and the only way to help cool ourselves is with the right type of food. Drinking a lot of water too helps in cooling the body and waving off the temperature. This afternoon we present ...
Fifteen Minutes Spicy Curd Rice Recipe
Tasty Chickpeas Biryani Recipe
One cup of cooked chickpeas contains 269 calories, 45 grams of carbohydrate, 15 grams of protein, 13 grams of dietary fibre, 4 grams of fat and zero cholesterol. These are the elements present in this gram. Since chickpeas is good ...
Exotic Green Mango Rice Pulav Recipe
Raw mango is in season. The king of fruits can be enjoyed in many forms such as pickles, salads, curries and pulavs. This afternoon, we love to share with you a simple raw mango rice recipe you can prepare in just ...
Exotic Green Mango Rice Pulav Recipe
Yummy Cocktail Sausage Fried Rice Recipe
Cocktail sausages is much loved among kids and they are best eaten with sandwiches. But, today lets try an Indian dish - cocktail sausage fried rice. To prepare this yummy treat use basmati rice and add tons of vegetables to the ...
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