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Doodh Dulari Recipe


Today we here with a delicious " Doodh Dulari Recipe". This recipe is quite famous in North India. Doodh Dulari Recipe is made using condensed milk along with vermicelli and fruit jellies. This gives a sweet tangy taste to your buds.

This Doodh Dulari Recipe is easy to make and can be best enjoyed after your meal.

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Enjoy this recipe with your family and friends this evening. Below is the Doodh Dulari Recipe with its procedure.

Serves - 4

Preparation Time - 30 mins

Cooking Time - 30 mins

All You Need

Milk - 2 ltr

Condensed milk - ½ cup

Corn flour - 1 tsp

Vermicelli ½ cup (coloured)

Strawberry jelly - 50 gms

Green jelly - 50 gms

Rubri - 250 gm

Fresh Cream - 200 gms

Mix fruit cocktail - 200 ml

Small cham cham - 250gm


  1. Add the milk in a pan and cook it until it gets condensed.
  2. Once the milk is condensed then add vermicelli along with corn flour, (dissolved corn flour with cold milk).
  • Cook this mixture for 10 mins. Switch off the flame after it is thick.
  • Add condensed milk and fruit cocktail and some sugar.
  • Keep stirring as it has the tendency to get stuck to the pan. Cool it.
  • Also add fresh cream, cham cham and rubri to the milk mixture.
  • In a plate dissolve the jellies with some water and set it aside until it turns firm.
  • Once the jellies are set in cubes and add to the milk mixture and stir well.
  • Doodh Dulari Recipe is ready!! Serve chilled.
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      Nutritional Tip: This recipe is highly rich in calories. Avoid it if you o diet.

      Tip: Serve it chill along with a mocktail.

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