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Jaggery Sweetened Rice Kheer


Jagerry rice kheer recipe is one of the finest and most popular Indian desserts and the wonderful ingredient is jaggery. The jaggery or gur is used in different ways in different states in India. Some use this in curries and dals. More commonly, it is used in making a variety of Indian sweets. Jaggery is rich in iron content.

Rice kheer recipes with jaggery have a unique taste and nutritious too. Milk provides calcium and is rich in other essential minerals and vitamins.

Jagerry rice kheer recipe must be tried for its nutritional benefits. Children who are adamant to take any nutritious food, should be tasted once with this rice kheer recipes. Jagerry rice kheer recipe provides them with calories and other nutrients needed for their growing body.

Boldsky will share with you Jagerry rice kheer recipe. Have a look at the method of prepration.

Serves- 5

prepration time- half hour

Cooking time-one hour

Ingredients of Jagerry rice kheer recipe

Small grained fragrant rice 1 cup

Milk- 1 litres

Jaggery- ½ cup

Bay leaves 2

Green cardamoms, split- 4

Cashew nuts, broken into half-15

Raisins- ¼ cup

Ghee- 1 Table spoon

Method of prepration

1.Soak rice in in water for half an hour in a bowl and keep aside

2. Saute the cashew nuts and the raisins in ghee till light brown. Remove and keep them aside.

3. Pour the milk in a vessel and add bay leaves and green cardamoms. Bring the milk to a boil. Keep it stirring continuously.

4.Add the drained rice, fried cashew nuts and raisins to the milk.

5.Cook for 1 hour on low flame and stirring occasionally.

6.Now switch off the gas and wait it to cool for some minutes.

7.Add jaggery to it once its cooled. Adding jaggery to hot milk will result in curdling of milk.

8.Garnish with some dry fruits.

9.Serve cold.

Nutritional value

Rice kheer recipes is very nutritious as it contains milk and jaggary as main ingredients. It is a simple jaggery recipe made from milk and rice. However its health benefits are many. Milk is a source of calcium and other vitamins and minerals. Jaggery is rich in iron. The rice added enhances the taste and gives calories.


keep it stirring occasionally as the rice added can stick to the bottom.

Add jaggary once milk is cold else it will spoil the dish.

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