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Onam Festival 2019: This Mango Pudding (Mambazha Pradhaman ) Recipe Is A Delight For Taste Buds

By Debdatta Mazumder

Onam is the festival of harvest and during this festival, most of the crops and fruits are yielded and wonderful recipes are made using them. People jovially celebrate the homecoming of the mythical King Mahabali and offer delicious dishes to him. This year the festival has started on 1 September and will continue till 13 September.

Mambhaza Pradhaman is one of Kerala's delicacies which increases the festive mood of Onam to a great extent. Among all other sweet recipes for Onam, Mambhaza Pradhaman is worth mentioning.

In many households, people make ada pradhanam, chakka pradhanam, parippu pradhanam, etc. But, you can make Onam special this year with mambhaza pradhanam or mango pudding.

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So, today, we'll be sharing with you this easy mango pudding recipe that you could prepare this Onam.

Read on to know more about the ingredients required and the procedure to prepare this yummy mango pudding for Onam.

Serves - 4

Preparation time - 15 minutes

Cooking time - 20 minutes


1. Sweet ripe mangoes - 3

2. Tapioca pearls - ½ cup

3. Mango pulp - 2 cups

4. Cooked rice - 1 tbsp

5. Jaggery - 4 tbsp (you could add this as per your preference)

6. Water - 2 cups

7. Dried ginger powder - ¼th tsp

8. Cardamom powder - a pinch

9. Coconut milk - 1½ cups (thin)

10. Coconut milk - 2 cups (thick)

11. Cashewnuts - 10

12. Raisins - 7 to 8

13. Dry coconut pieces - 1 tbsp

14. Ghee - 3 to 4 tbsp

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1. Peel the ripe mangoes and cut those into cubes.

2. Now, boil jaggery in water to make a thick syrup.

3. Drain to get rid of any impurities.

4. Now, again boil water and add tapioca pearls into it. Stir the pan continuously, so that the pearls don't get burnt from the bottom.

5. Boil them until you get soft and fluffy pearls. Drain excess water and keep it aside.

6. Heat a pan with ghee and add in the mango pieces. Sauté until the colour of the mango pieces changes.

7. While stirring mango pieces, smash them and stir well, so that the mixture doesn't stick to the pan.

8. Now, add in the mango pulp into the pan and sauté again.

9. Add liquid jaggery to the mango and stir continuously until it thickens up to two-string consistency.

10. Now, add cooked rice, tapioca pearls, thin consistency of coconut milk, dried ginger powder and cardamom powder. Stir all ingredients well and cook over a low flame until the mixture thickens.

11. Simmer the flame and add thick coconut milk and after a few minutes, turn off the flame. Don't allow it to boil.

12. Now, heat a pan with ghee and sauté the cashews, dry coconut pieces and raisins on medium flame.

13. Add those to the pudding and stir well.

Your Mambhaza Pradhaman or mango pudding for Onam is ready. You can serve it immediately, but it will taste best if served chilled.