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Ugadi 2020: 10 Special Sweets Recipes That You Must Try At Home


Ugadi marks the beginning of new year for the people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. When it comes to new beginnings, it is a tradition in our country to start anything new with sweets. Therefore we cannot miss out sweets from the menu of Ugadi. In 2020, the festival will be celebrated on 25 March.

This year Boldsky has compiled a list of top ten sweet recipe which are a must try on this Ugadi. The Ugadi recipes that are listed here are a combination of delicacies from both Andhra and Karnataka. And not to mention, all of these sweet recipes taste equally amazing. The variety of payasams or kheers, the mouthwatering Mysore pak, the unique obbattu and so many other delicacies are enough to make our mouths water.


So, why wait? Let us check out these top 10 sweet recipes for Ugadi and begin the year on a sweet note!


Coconut Puran Poli

Grated coconut is mixed with jaggery and the stuffing is added to the puran poli. This authentic taste of the coconut puran poli makes it a tasty sweet dish for Ugadi.


Moong Dal Payasam

Moong dal payasam is a must prepare sweet dish for Ugadi. This sweet dish is made with moong dal and dates.


Mysore Pak

The Mysore Paak Recipe for this sweet is made out of pure ghee which adds to the beautiful and relishing taste of this delightful sweet.



Obbattu is a famous Ugadi dessert. Indian dessert recipes are very simple and easy to prepare. Since Obbattu is a jaggery dish, the sweetener is not of very high calorie. Indian dessert recipes are known to be fattening, but this dish is roasted, so you will not put on excess weight.


Aval Payasam

Payasam is one of the most preferred desserts to celebrate this important day. You can make payasam with rice, sevai or aval (beaten rice).



Boorelu is a tasty sweet dish for Ugadi. It is prepared with Bengal gram, jaggery or sugar and coconut. To enjoy the festive season with sweet dishes, check out boorelu recipe.


Semiya Payasam

Payasam is a traditional South-Indian sweet dish that is made with milk. It is very similar to kheer from the Northern India. Semiya (vermicelli) payasam is an easy sweet dish that can be prepared within 30 minutes.



Ariselu is a popular sweet recipe which is prepared on Ugadi in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This sweet dish is known by many other names such as the kajjaya, athirasam etc. in different parts of South India. This delicious sweet recipe is prepared with rice flour and jaggery.


Pesarapappu Payasam

It is basically a South Indian recipe for payasam or kheer. Pesarapappu Payasam is made of moong dal and therefore has a rich yellow colour after preparation.


Dry Fruits Kesari

Dry fruits Kesari is a special sweet dish that is made with rava (wheat product) or rice and saffron (Kesar). Also known as Kesari Bhat, you can find this dish abundantly in Karnataka.

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