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Mysore Paak Recipe The Best In Karnataka

The best Indian sweet that one cannot forget to taste is the rich Mysore Paak which is available in India.

The Mysore Paak Recipe for this sweet is made out of pure ghee which adds to the beautiful and relishing taste of the Mysore Paak.

To make this traditional Indian sweet all you have to do is to follow these ingredients and the method stated below.

There are a few ingredients for the Mysore Paak recipe. All you need is

1.Half a cup of water cup of bengal gram

3.two cups of white sugar cup of ghee, the main ingredient for the Mysore Paak recipe.

Directions for the Mysore Paak Recipe

1.In a tava, mix the bengal gram flour well with a little ghee added to it.

2.In a separate bowl, melt the two cups of sugar along with water.

3.In the sugar bowl, add the gram flour and stir the mixture slowly. See to it that no lumps form when you mix the ingredients in the bowl.

4.Pour in the rest of the ghee to the boiling ingredients and in a while as you keep mixing you will that the contents are frothing while the ghee separates the sides of the bowl.

5.Add cardamom to the mixture to give in some taste.

6.Take the mixture out and place it on a flat surface.

7.When slightly warm, cut into square or rectangular pieces.

Keep in mind that before you place the Mysore Paak on the flat plate, rub some ghee or butter to avoid it sticking to the plate. Also remember to remove the extra ghee in the Mysore Paak after you placed it in the flat plate before you cut. Try this delicious Mysore Paak Recipe an Indian sweet you can enjoy.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 15:56 [IST]
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