Taste The Different Types Of Modakas

By: Pooja Kaushal
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On the 6th day of Ganesh Chaturthi, we are giving you some special modak recipes that you can try out.

Modak's are very special to lord ganesh. It is believed that modaks and karanji are his most loved sweets.

This is Lord Ganesha’s favorite sweet and hence, a must for this festival. Modaks are offered to the Lord and then distributed among devotees as prasad.

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Preparations of different types of modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi can be seen in various households across the country, especially in Maharashtra. For one sweet named modak, a variety can be achieved by altering the filling. So, why don’t we go ahead and make our modaks?

Before going into the various types of modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi let us prepare the covering or shell (since it is shaped like one). This will remain common for all the varieties you try your hands at.

Types Of Modakas For Ganesh Chaturthi

Modak Covering

For the modak covering, you will need:
• Rice flour – 1 cup
• Water – 1 cup
• Ghee – 2 tsps

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In a heavy bottom deep dish, warm the water with the ghee.

When just about to boil, add the rice flour and stir well. Make sure that no lumps form.

It is a little difficult to stir this mix because the rice tends to expand and the mix gets considerably thick. It will soon start taking the form of dough.

Grease your palms with ghee and oil a working surface. Turn dough onto this greased surface and knead well. Kneading is important as you need to bring about an even textured dough with no cracks. It will have to be so even that it does not crack during steaming or else all the filling will spill out or it might get soggy.

Once you attain a smooth soft dough you can begin making your modak.

Types Of Modakas For Ganesh Chaturthi

Types Of Modak Stuffing
Now let us move on to the different types of modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi. As mentioned earlier it is only the filling that makes the difference. Hence, we will be presenting a variety of stuffing here.

Ideally the stuffing should be prepared before the shell or covering. Doing so ensures that your dough is soft when stuffing.

• traditional modak: The traditional modak is made using coconut and jaggery and this is the one that is usually offered to lord ganesha. To prepare the traditional modak you will need the following:

Grated coconut – one cup
Jaggery – one cup
Nutmeg – a pinch

To prepare the filling mix coconut and jaggery in a heavy bottom pan and cook on a slow heat. The jaggery will melt and mix with the coconut evenly.

Once mixed turn off heat and add nutmeg. Some people also like to add saffron but it is your choice. Allow the mix to cool before you start stuffing.

Meanwhile place a steaming vessel to heat.

To make the modak take a lemon sized ball of the dough and roll it out evenly. Place a little stuffing in the center and gradually collect all the edges in the center to form a tip. If you can manage give it a pleated effect during the sealing process. It requires a bit of practice but is worth the effort.

When your steaming vessel is ready, place the prepared modaks in the steaming dish and cook for approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

Your steaming hot, juicy and aromatic modaks are ready!

Types Of Modakas For Ganesh Chaturthi

• Dry Fruit Modak: As the name suggests this one is all about dry fruits. Crush dry fruits of your choice and cook them in jaggery instead of coconut. Add nutmeg, cinnamon or saffron – whichever one you prefer.

• Chocolate And Walnut Modak: A bit away from the Indian taste is the chocolate and walnut. Mix a cup of grated chocolate with crushed walnuts to make a very different type of modak for Ganesh Chaturthi.

• Mawa Modak: Take one cup mawa and cook in a heavy bottom pan till it turns pink and gives off fat. Mix half a cup of powdered sugar, half a cup of roasted rawa, a handful of grated coconut and a handful of raisins.

Superfast Modaks
If you have not got the time to prepare the filling and are looking for quick options try making use of readymade sweets you get at your local sweetmeat shop. Good options include boondi laddoo, dry fruit barfi, peda, milk cakes, besan laddoo and kaju katli.

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