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Hariyali Teej 2021: Sweet Recipes That Will Make You Hungry For More

Teej is a festival that is celebrated for the welfare of the family, the success of marital relationships and also for prosperity. This year, Hariyali Teej is being celebrated on 11 August. Teej is a day when the women in the household wear green and fast for the well-being of the family. But after the puja is over in the evening, it is party time! You can feast on a variety of Teej recipes. As Teej is essentially an Indian festival, Indian sweet recipes are a must on the occasion.

Laddoos are popular Teej recipes. And sattu ke laddoo is the most important dish that is prepared on this day. Sattu or gram flour is specially supposed to be eaten on Hariyali Teej. So women usually break their fast with the sattu ke laddoos on this auspicious day. But there also a choice of many other Indian sweets to feast on.

Pedas, halwa and barfis are also served to cater to the insatiable sweet tooth that we Indians have. You can make almost any kind of sweets on the occasion of Teej. But Boldsky gives you a selection of 10 special sweet recipes for Teej to make your job easier.


Sattu Ke Laddoo

Sattu ke laddoo is an easy recipe and does not require much time either. Sattu is a mixed flour consisting of various pulses and cereals. This flour is easily available in most of the Northern states of India. If it is not readily available in the market, you can easily prepare it at home. Read more


Dry Fruit Gujiya

Since the recipe is made with dry fruits, it is definitely not a good option for the calorie watchers. So, if you are willing to chuck the calorie count this festive season, then the dry fruit gujiya is a must try. Check out the recipe and give it a try this Hariyali Teej. Read more


Kaju Ki Barfi

This kaju ki barfi recipe is so easy and fool proof that you'll never want to buy it from market at such high price. On Teej, you can easily try out this Indian sweet recipe at home. The only trick to make perfect barfis is to get the consistency of sugar syrup right. Read more


Churma Laddoo

Churma is coarsely ground wheat that is prepared with ghee and sugar or jaggery. You can very easily try a churma ladoo recipe using very few ingredients. This is actually a Rajasthani recipe that is highly relished on all the occasions. Read more


Kesar Peda

Kesar Peda is a soft and lip smacking Indian sweet dish. This sweet is made with milk or mawa. Sprinkle few strands of saffron (kesar). Peda is an all-time hit sweet dish for any occasion. So, you can enjoy it on Teej as well. Read more



It is nice to prepare Kalakand on Hariyali Teej. It looks great and it is one of the favourite sweets of Indians. There is no festive occasion when we do not miss this milky sweet. Read more


Til & Gur Laddoo

Til ke ladoos are one of the most common sweets that are found during Teej celebrations. Both black to white sesame seeds or til are widely used during Teej. Here is a til and gur ladoo recipe that will make your job easier. Read more


Malai Ghevar

Malai Ghevar is a Rajasthani delicacy made during the Hindu month of Shravan. It is available in the market only during this time and is a popular choice of dessert for Raksha bandhan and Hariyali Teej. Read more


Vrat Ka Halwa

If you are fasting for the welfare of your family during Teej, you can indulge yourself with the Vrat Ka Halwa. This halwa is specially prepared as a fasting recipe that can be had during Hariyali Teej. Read more


Motichur Laddo

This ladoo recipe is the most popular of all the ladoos. Motichur ladoo is the standard sweet of almost all Indian occasions and festivals. It is easy to make and hard to have just one! Read more