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Kesar Peda: Milk Sweet Recipe

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Milk adds a different taste and flavour to the sweets. There are several recipes made with milk such as kheer, sevai, halwa, peda etc. The recipe to make peda is very easy. Here is the easy to make milk recipe, kesar peda. Take a look.

Kesar peda recipe:

Kesar Peda: Milk Sweet Recipe


1 litre milk
100 gms sugar
cardamom powder
few strands of saffron (kesar)
4-8 sliced pistachios for garnishing

Directions to make kesar peda, milk sweet recipe:

1. Heat milk in a bowl and stir continuously till it thickens. The thickened milk should look like mawa.

2. Now add sugar and stir till it dissolves. It is best to keep stirring the milk to prevent it from sticking to the bowl. Heat on low flame as sugar loosens the milk thickness.

3. Add saffron strands to the thickened milk and then mix well. The milk should get the saffron yellow colour.

4. When the mawa becomes thick, take it off flame. Knead the mawa and then let it cool. Now make small balls and press it flat on a plate or board. Sprinkle pistachios and garnish the pedas.

Kesar peda is ready to eat!

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