Crunchy Pineapple Cake For Christmas

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Christmas is near and this is the time for cakes. Kids love Christmas mainly for two reasons ─ gifts and cakes. And when it comes to pastries, they get super excited. You all must feel the same way too when it comes to celebrating Christmas and New Year with cakes. Bring out that little kid inside you and have fun by making a super yummy crunchy pineapple cake on Christmas.

You can get different types of yummy cakes at cake shops, but what you make at home is completely different from the market made products. It comes with love, affection, joy and happiness and these are the basic meanings of Christmas. So, it is time to concentrate on the ingredients and procedure of making a crunchy pineapple cake at home.

Serves- 6 Pieces

Preparation Time- 20 minutes

Cooking Time- 10-15 minutes


1. Canned Pineapples - ½ cup (chopped)

2. Sweet Biscuits - 15-16

3. Orange Juice - ½ cup

4. Whipped Cream - 2 cups

5. Badam Chikki - 1/3 cup (crushed)

You will need very few ingredients to make this cake and these are very easy to get. Now, follow the method of making this adorable cake.


1. Take whipped cream into a blender and beat it well. Keep it aside. Now, soak sweet biscuits in the orange juice and place those on a flat plate. Don't soak too much to make the biscuits too soft. Just dip once.

Crunchy Pineapple Cake For Christmas

2. You are ready with the layer. Now, cover the layer with beaten cream thickly. Spread chopped pineapples over it and again cover it with a thin layer of cream.

Crunchy Pineapple Cake For Christmas

3. The next step is to layer the cake with biscuits again, dipped into orange juice.

Crunchy Pineapple Cake For Christmas

4. When you are done with the layering, cover the cake with thick cream. Cover well from every side. Now, add crushed chikki from the top to add the crunch.

Crunchy Pineapple Cake For Christmas

5. You can decorate the cake with pineapple slices on the side and your crunchy pineapple cake is ready.

Crunchy Pineapple Cake For Christmas

Isn't it very easy to prepare? When you eat it, you won't get that it is made of biscuits only. Try it at home and add colours to your Christmas celebration. You can make this cake with other fruits too, like oranges and strawberries.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 18:01 [IST]
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