Aloo Kachori: Crisp Snacks For Holi

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Crisp Aloo Kachoris are what you need when you pause to catch your breath while indulging is a melange of colours. This Holi recipe is spicy, crisp and very eatable in a hurry. Most festival recipes are traditionally gourmet, as in they need some amount of preparation to make; you cannot rustle it up in minutes. This Kachori recipe however has the reputation of being a quick one. If you need a Holi recipe for snacks that will compel your guests to stop and take notice then it has to Aloo Kachori.

Like most of Indian food that is eaten during festivals it not exactly healthy or rather for the calorie conscious. This holi recipe has lots of carbs from the potatoes and is stiffly deep fried. Your preparation time should be around 20 minutes and rolling out the kachories to fry takes another 5.

Ingredients For Aloo Kachori:

1. Potatoes 8-10 (boiled)
2. Arrowroot 100 grams
3. Coconut (grated) 1 bowl
4. Black grams or chole (soaked overnight and boiled with the potatoes)
5. Green chillies 4-5 (chopped)
6. Armchoor or Dry mango powder 1 tablespoon
7. Asfoetida or hing 1 pinch
8. Oil 1 cup (for deep frying)
9. Salt as per taste

Procedure For Making Aloo Kachori:

  • Boil the potatoes and the gram together. Keep the gram for later use and smash the potatoes with a the head of a serving spoon.
  • Now dilute the arrowroot with 2 cups of water and mix it with the smashed potatoes. Add salt and asfoetida to this mushy mix; even out all the lumps or the this kachori recipe would not work.
  • Now mix the grated coconut with the gram and season it with green chillies, a bit of salt and amchoor. Whip over to mix it well.
  • Take small portions out of the potato arrowroot mix and and roll it out into a flat bread (puri). Now put a spoonful of coconut filling in it and roll it into a small round ball.
  • Heat oil in the pan and only when it is steaming hot, release the puris in it. They will bloat up instantly.

Serve Aloo Kachori with dal or raita.

Story first published: Tuesday, February 28, 2012, 16:14 [IST]
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