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How To Prepare Cranberries And Orange Bread

By Debdatta Mazumder

If you have a thing for baked foods, you will definitely love this recipe. Besides that, it is made of seasonal fruits, which are good for your health. So, this is a preparation which is healthy and tasty to.

And if you serve it with some strawberry jam, kids will love it. Instead of plain bread and jam, this cranberries and orange bread will definitely rock your breakfast table and give you additional energy to work along the day.

How to make the cranberry and orange bread? Here is the simple recipe with all ingredients you require. Take a look!

Serves - 10-12

Preparation Time - 20 minutes

Cooking Time - 20 minutes


1. Plain Flour - 225 grams

2. Caster Sugar - 125 grams

3. Baking Powder - 2 tsp

4. Dates - 75 grams (chopped)

5. Eggs - 2

6. Dried Cranberries - 1 cup (sweetened)

7. Orange Juice - 125 ml

8. Oil - 80ml

9. Oranges - 3 (grated rind)

10. Milk - 1 cup

11. Sour cream to serve


1. Take a mixing bowl and add flour, milk and orange juice into it. Give it a light mix.

2. Now, add grated orange rind, eggs, baking powder, dates and sugar into the flour and mix well. Add sweetened cranberries and mix again. Beat the batter until you get a thick consistency.

3. Add oil and again mix it well. Now, take a baking tray and grease it with oil. Pour the batter and bake it for 30 minutes in the oven, pre-heated at 180 degree Celsius.

4. Bring it out from the oven and cut into slices. Your cranberries and orange bread is ready to be served. Serve it with dates and sour cream.

Try it at home and send us your feedback.

Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 18:45 [IST]
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