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Quick Mango And Orange Smoothie Recipe

By Debdatta Mazumder

To stay healthy, nutritionists always recommend keeping your body hydrated. Daily intake of minimum 6 glasses of water is a must. But, that becomes boring sometimes and you can't stop telling your kids to have more water.

What if you get a tasty option to keep yourself hydrated? We'd say, go for smoothies. Fruit and vegetable smoothies taste awesome and all the essential nutrients remain intact in the smoothies as well.

Mango and orange smoothie is the best way to have these two fruits to replenish your body with essential nutrients. Preparation is very simple and it also tastes great too. So, have a look at the complete recipe below.

Serves - 2

Preparation Time - 10 minutes


1. Mango Pulp - ¾th cup (chilled)

2. Orange Juice - ½ cup (chilled)

3. Vanilla Ice-cream - ½ cup

4. Curds - 4 tbsp (chilled)

5. Sugar - 1¾th cup

6. Crushed Ice - 4 tbsp


1. Take the juicer and add mango pulp, orange juice, sugar, curd and vanilla ice cream into it.

2. Cover the lid well and blend everything.

3. Take two big glasses and add some crushed ice into it.

4. Now, serve the mango and orange smoothie chilled.

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