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Mangalore Fish Curry: South-Indian Recipe

Fish is considered to be a healthy food for all ages. The nutritional benefits of fish are many. It has the ability to cure diseases related to heart, eyes and liver. Fish oil, as we know has a natural solution to revitalize ageing skin, promote more vibrant and youthful skin, prevent eczema and psoriasis. Unlike other meat, fish is a lighter meat and has low fat content. Minerals, amino acids, proteins & vitamins are found abundant in fish and essential for the body too.

This recipe hails from Mangalore and so coconut is a must-needed ingredient. People who visit Mangalore would not return without tasting this spicy and delicious fish curry. However, you need not go to Mangalore to get the taste of fish curry. Here is an authentic Mangalore fish curry recipe that is prepared with lots of spices and will leave you crave for more.

mangalore fish curry

Servings: 4
Preparation Time: 1 hour

Fish- ½ kg
Onions- 2 (chopped)
Coriander seeds- 2tbsp
Long red chillies- 9 to 10
Grated coconut- 2 cups
Ginger- 1 piece
Tamarind- 1 piece
Green chillies- 5 (slit)
Coconut milk- 1/2cup
Oil- 2tbsp
Garam masala- 1tbsp
A pinch of turmeric
Salt to taste

1. Heat a pan with 2tbsp oil and bring it to heat.
2. Add red chillies and coriander seeds in oil, saute until it becomes crisp.
3. Boil a cup of water and add a small piece of tamarind. Mix it properly and drain the water to make tamarind water.
4. Grind the fried red chilies, coriander seeds, tamarind water, coconut milk, and ginger together.
5. Heat oil in a pan, and fry the onions until golden brown.
6. Add the grinded mixture, turmeric powder, garam masala and salt to taste.
7. Once you have sauted the mixture well, add 2 cups of water and bring it to boil.
8. Keep it on a high flame until it boils and then add the fish pieces.
9. Boil it until the fish gets cooked.

Your Mangalore fish curry is ready to relish. Make sure that you do not stir the curry vigorously as the fish meat is soft and could break. Leave the curry to simmer for atleast half hour. Eat it with fat rice, in a complete authentic Mangalorean style!

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