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10 Underwear Hacks You Should Know

If you are someone who uses a bra, then this article is for you. Do you have to fight the temptation to go braless every day? Me too. Don't let silly bra problems ruin your life (okay, maybe a bit dramatic - but you get the gist). Take a look at these 10 bra hacks that will make your mornings, evenings, and nights much better when getting ready.

Bra Tricks You Should Know

Trick 1: Make sure you hand wash the bras, so they last a long time. Dry them off with a hanger too.

Trick 2: To keep your bras from peeking out from the sleeves, you can have your tailor sew clasps or strap holders into your shirts or kurtis.

Trick 3: You can extend the life of your bras by storing them right. Instead of folding them, hang them all on one hanger or wooden hook. Then, in a drawer, lay them straight vertically above each other. In the case of underwire or padded bras, don't fold the cups.

Trick 4: It's common for women with heavy busts to have shoulder pain from tight straps. Put silicone gel pads on your bra straps to make them more comfortable.

Trick 5: Do you ever change your tops because they show a lot of cleavage, and you don't want to wear bulky camis? With the great camisole cover-ups, you can now solve this problem. Moreover, these cover-ups come in various colours to suit your wardrobe.

Trick 6: Test the bra size with your hands before buying it. If you can fit your whole fist through the bra, it's too big. On the other hand, you don't need more than two fingers.

Trick 7: Did you know that more than half of women wear the wrong bra size their whole lives? So whenever you buy a bra, make sure the first hook fits. Then, if the bra loosens up, you can keep reducing the band size in the other hooks.

Trick 8: Wear your sports bra in the shower after you work out. While you wash, you can hand wash it in there. You'll get a lot more wear out of your sports bra.

Trick 9: Your bras can get damaged in the washing machine, so don't do it. To keep your bra's shape, put it in a plastic ball before washing or hand washing it.

Trick 10: Choosing the right shade is important; wearing a white bra underneath a white outfit looks messy and often shows - always wear a nude or the same shade as your skin. Likewise, never wear a white bra under a black dress or top. If you're wearing black, wear a dark-coloured or black bra.

Story first published: Saturday, July 30, 2022, 12:25 [IST]
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