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Celebrate Pride Month With These Stunning Rainbow Nail Art Designs

June is LGBTQ pride month and is celebrated with fervour in the community. The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly put a halt to the usually flashy pride month festivities but that is no reason to be disheartened. We can still make it a celebration by tapping into our inner beauty artists. And what better way to do that than a sparkling rainbow nail art?

Whether you are a nail art beginner or a pro, we have picked some amazing nail art designs that are exactly what you need to celebrate the pride month in style. Scroll down and check them out.


Rainbow French Manicure

PC: Instagram/who_is_fashion_star

Simple and elegant, French manicures are the best. But who said it has got to be the plain boring style always? Add a touch of rainbow colours to your French manicure tips to celebrate the pride month.


On A Pastel Sky

PC: Instagram/confessionailswithstephanie

Not all of us are pros at the nail art game. For the beginners among us, this quick and simple nail art is enough to spruce up your nail game. Add you need to do is coat your nails in a pastel shade and add a wave of rainbow colours on your index finger. The pastel base brings out the bright rainbow colours beautifully and makes your nail pop.

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Sparkles And Rainbows

PC: Instagram/lay.looww

If blingy and extravagant nails are more like your style, try this freestyle pride rainbow nail art. This is not for the novice, however. You need precision and practice to create this nail art. Apply a white base sprinkle the rainbow colours on your nails to create a marbe-like effect and add some bling with the rhinestones at the base of your nails. The dripping rainbow lips and the embellished little rainbow-finger makes this pattern a work of art.


Light And Dark

PC: Instagram/anderlierenee

Black is a shade that never disappoints. With half nails bare and half nails painted in black, the tiny bursts of rainbow coming out from the base and tips of your nails make this nail art distinctive.


Burst Of Rainbow Flames

PC: Instagram/vallee.nails

Celebrating pride month is about the spirit, not the skill. This super-simple and unusual nail art is perfect for the nail art beginners as it allows you to as messy as you want. To get this nail art, simply create the pattern of your choice on the nails painted white using the rainbow shades. There is no holding back when it comes to this nail art.

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Rainbow Stripes

PC: Instagram/kazminnailsit

If extravagant and artsy nails are not your style, keep things simple with this stripes nails art. Simply paint your nails white and draw horizontal stripes on your nails using the rainbow colours.


Rainbow And Stars

PC: Instagram/holliebedsbeauty

Bring the beautiful colour of rainbow to your nails with this negative space nail art. Leaving the sides of your nails bare, use the rainbow shades to draw vertical stripes at the centre of your nails and add a few stars to your nails to make them glamorous.


The Glam Quotient

PC: Instagram/courtneycantwell_lrbp

The OTT nail art has its own charm. You can not miss a nail art as extravagant as the one above. This beautiful nail art is not for a novice. The stripes of rainbow shades on a glistening pastel background with stars and cloud floating over the rainbow tells you how much effort it entails to create such a stunning design.


A Beautiful Curve

PC: Instagram/_beauty_bymeg

Sometimes all you need is a curve of rainbow splattered over your nails. This delicate nail art is one you can easily sport this pride month. Wear a pastel nail paint on the base and create a curved rainbow that seems to spread all over your nails. Use the white polish to create stars to surround your rainbow pattern.


On The Sides

PC: Instagram/khxri.nails

The minimalist approach is the trend today. If you are not into OTT looks, this cute nail art will suffice your minimalist heart and add the glory of pride month to your nails. Paint your nails in a matte pastel orange base and take out those rainbow shades to add slanting rainbow on the tips of your nails.

Story first published: Monday, June 15, 2020, 13:17 [IST]