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Prevent Nipples From Protruding Out!

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Who said only guys find themselves in embarrassing situations during an erection? Nipple erection in women is one of the biggest issues to be dealt with! Guys might think of it as the biggest turn on, but the fact remains that your nipples showing through your T Shirt, might not be the best thing in a work environment!

This erections usually occurs when a woman is excited, or simply due to cold. Read on if you want to avoid experiencing the embarrassment of being in the limelight.

Prevent Nipples From Protruding Out!

Clothes can prevent you from showing your nipples.

 Prevent Nipples From Protruding Out!

Multicolored clothing- Single colored shirts or tops often draw more attention to your chest area and even the slightest protrusion of your nipples will be observed immediately. If you feel you have a tendency to have erect nipples, try to opt for multicolored shirts. Floral prints are ideal to avoid showing nipples.

Prevent Nipples From Protruding Out!

Cotton over lycra/polyster- Thick cotton materials like cotton linen should be opted over lycra or polyster. Polyster and lycra stick to your body and the shape of your nipples are easily visible.

Prevent Nipples From Protruding Out!

Darker Colours- When compared to light shades like whites, light pink, yellow and so on; darker shades not only makes your bust look smaller, but take the focus away from your nipples.

Padded swim suits- In case you are facing an issue with protruding nipples, make sure you always go in for padded swim suits. The cool water will increase your erection and draw unnecessary attention towards your bosom.

Layering- If you seem to have nipple erections because of the AC at your work place, start using stoles, shawls and scarves with your outfit. They are stylish and will prevent you from being self conscious.

Tube tops- Nowadays tube tops are available in various styles and can be easily worn under your shirt or top to cover your nipples. Tube tops also enhances the breast shape.

Jackets and Shrugs- Just like the scarves, you should make use of this fashionable accessory to add zing to your outfit and conceal your nipples.


Padded Bras- To avoid dragging attention towards your chest section, you should wear padded bras. The softer, smoother bras are especially designed to wear under t shirts. These pads cover the nipples and also enhances the breast size.

Nipple Covers- Nipple covers are extremely popular across the world and are used extensively by models and celebrities. They are a small piece of cup covers that can be inserted inside your bra or your T Shirt. They can also be worn with deep cut cleavages. These Nipple covers are very easily available in the market.

Nipple Stickers or Band Aid- This is a good option when you find yourself in a nipple erection emergency. They do sting a bit when plucked off, but are a good option for an immediate fix.

Personal Tip- Rub your nipples in circular motions, over your shirt, to provide warmth, in a cold climate and they will settle down immediately.

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