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The first Sunday of August has always been celebrated as Friendship Day all over the globe. It is a day to cherish the friendship of your loved ones and acknowledge them for the same. There are several ways by which people celebrate Friendship Day. Some like to celebrate Friendship Day with only the closest of friends. And some like to party and cheer through the day. Everyone has their own plans. You too must have planned for something that will make you look special on Friendship Day. Get these party dress ideas and look chic. After all, Friendship Day is not the day to look sexy. You should rather dress to look 'sweet' on Friendship Day.

Simple White Dress- Its all about dressing plain and simple on this day. So get yourself a plain white party wear and hang out with friends. This will give you an elegant look which is just what is needed for the day. You might go to a lawn or pool side party easily in this attire. This is also good if you are planning for a day time party with your buddies.

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Backless Dresses- This is one very cool idea to dress on Friendship Day. Backless might mean anything. You might go for a halter neck or a dress with scooped back. Choose from light shades of colour if it is a day time party. If not, go for bright colours like pink or electric blue. And in case you do not like any, then black is always an option for you. It one colour that never goes out of fashion.

Barbie Dress- Trust me, friends always like to see you as their doll. This one of the sweetest ideas to dress for Friendship Day. Get cute Barbie dress and slip into it. You can sport this party wear during night time also. Be it any place this party wear will make you look cute all the while.

Skirts And Jeans- Be it a mid length skirt or a short one. Skirts are just a perfect dress option for Friendship Day. Hang out with your friends and celebrate Friendship Day in a cool casual attire. Even jeans is perfect for the occasion. You can choose to wear a sling or a lace top with skirt or jeans. It will give you an edgy look and make you all ready for a blast in the party.

Prints- Dress in prints for Friendship Day. They are all 'in' this season. Hawaiian or block prints are perfect to get dressed in for Friendship Day. Be it a printed dress or top, it will make you look chic and all ready for a Friendship Day party.

Use any of these party dress ideas and enjoy Friendship Day to its fullest by hanging out with friends.

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