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Right Clothes For Thin Women!

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Clothes For Thin Women
Dressing according to your figure is confusing as you might think it is good on you but this may not be true. Not all dresses look good on all body shapes and figures. All women want to look thin through dressing but skinny women find it difficult to flaunt their existing lean figure in dresses. So, here are tips to choose clothes for thin women.

Clothes for thin women:

1. Choose bright colors especially floral prints in large size to create the illusion of a fuller shape. Avoid using bold colors like red, bright blue, yellow and pink.

2. Don't go for tight clothes as it clearly shows the figure. Little lose fitting dresses are great for skinny women.

3. Pleats, flowing material clothes will increase the thin women appearance. To get a fuller body shape add these dresses.

4. Plunging V-neck, halter top or embellished neckline clothes are a must have for thin women.

5. Wear t-shirts with slim-fit shorts or hot pants to flaunt the stylish lean figure in such dresses.

6. Sweater or knit dresses are great clothes option for thin women. Add layers to your dress like a cardigan or fitted short jacket for a bulk look. If you have thin and tall legs, avoid wearing mini-skirts and go for longer and flowing dresses.

7. Dresses which draw attention to the waist makes you look heavy. So, accessorize the waist with belts or dresses which have belt or ribbon on the waist.

8. Wear jewelries like earrings, necklaces to attract attention to your face. Lose fitting tops with funky bead necklaces are great ideas for thin women to accessorise clothes.

9. Bubble dresses are very trendy right now and can also give the appearance of a larger lower body. Avoid wearing tight fitting trousers and shirts. Go for horizontal strips shirts.

10. Women with lean figure should avoid sleeveless tops as the appearance of shoulders are more thin. Go for tube tops or halter necks to flaunt the thin figure.

Thin women can use these tips to select clothes and look elegant with the perfect thin figure!

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 31, 2011, 12:37 [IST]
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