10 Face-washing Mistakes That Could Be Damaging Your Skin

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Washing your face may seem like the easiest part of the skincare routine. You just have to apply the cleanser, scrub and rinse, right? However, it is not as simple as it seems and not doing it correctly can cause a damage to your skin.

From unappealing breakouts to flakiness, there are tons of terrible things that can happen to your face if you do not wash it properly.

face washing mistakes that are damaging your skin

Even without realizing, most people end up making face-washing mistakes that can adversely affect the health of their skin. In case, you're wondering what those mistakes are, we've got you covered. As today at Boldsky, we've zeroed in on the most common face-washing mistakes that can have damaging effects on your skin.

Break free from these skin-damaging mistakes to make sure that your skin looks its absolute best. Read on to know more about the common face-washing mistakes here:


1. Using Hot Water

Hot water can strip your skin off of its natural oil and leave it feeling dry and dehydrated. However, most women still use hot water for face washing purpose. Instead, just use lukewarm water to wash your face and keep damage at bay.


2. Not Using The Right Cleanser For Your Skin Type

We all have different skin types and it is highly important to use skin care products such as a facial wash, cleanser and scrub that suits the skin type. Not doing so can harm your skin's texture and lead to unsightly problems. So, use the cleanser that is especially formulated for your particular skin type for great results.


3. Using Dirty Hands

Using dirty hands for smearing the facial wash on the skin can also prove to be skin damaging. As our hands touch a lot of dirt throughout the day, it is essential to wash them before touching the skin. Stop making this common mistake to make sure that your face-washing session does not end up harming your skin.


4. Improper Application Of The Cleanser

A lot of people make the mistake of being too rigorous while applying the cleanser, this habit can prove to be extremely damaging to the skin. So, instead of aggressively applying the cleanser to your skin, just be gentle to make sure that your skin does not get harmed.


5. Washing Your Face Too Often

The ideal number of times one should wash their face in a day is two. However, there are a lot of people who end up washing their face too often. This habit can rob their skin off of its natural oil and lead to dryness as well as flakiness. To prevent that from happening, make sure to wash your face not more than twice a day, in the morning and once before hitting the hay.


6. Using The Same Cleanser For Months

Skin care experts often urge people to switch their cleansers every once a while. As using the same product for too long can lead to certain side effects and end up doing more harm than good. So, try changing your face wash after 2-3 months to get the best results.


7. Over Exfoliation

While exfoliation is essential, overdoing it can cause severe damage to your skin. It can eliminate the dead skin cells and toxins from your skin; however, doing it more than twice a week can adversely affect the texture of your skin and cause acne breakouts.


8. Not Rinsing Your Skin Properly

Once you have applied the cleanser to your face, it is essential to thoroughly rinse it off. Loaded with chemicals, these cleansers should be properly rinsed to make sure that there is no product build-up in the skin, as it may lead to unappealing skin conditions.


9. Rubbing Your Skin Dry

Are you rubbing your face dry after washing it with a cleanser? If so, then you should stop doing it, as rubbing your face dry can have damaging effects on your skin's health and appearance. Instead of rubbing it dry, try patting your face gently with a clean towel for best results.


10. Taking Too Long Before Applying A Moisturizer

Lastly, taking too long before applying a moisturizer or serum after washing your face can also prove to be damaging. After a proper cleansing session, our skin pores tend to open up and applying a moisturizer within a few seconds will prevent dirt and impurities from settling into the skin's surface.

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