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How To Make Honey Lemon Body Lotion At Home For Soft Skin

By Amruta
Honey Lemon Face pack - do's and donts, नींबू-शहद फेसपैक से जुड़ी खास बातें | DIY | BoldSky

Taking a good care of your skin is extremely essential. And, what do we do for that? Most of us simply do nothing. And, that's really not a good thing. The more care you take of your body, the more it becomes soft and smooth. Besides, it's quite an easy task to do. All you need are a few things like a body wash, a body lotion, a cleanser, and sometimes a soothing anti-tan face mask. Pretty simple, isn't it?

Some might think that these are a lot of beauty products to even ask for. But wait, here's a trick. Getting these things under your pouch is not at all difficult. You can simply make all of these things at home with very basic ingredients and store them in a cool place, so that you can use them for a long time. Now that sounds like some good deal, right?

Well, told you! To begin with, you can easily prepare a body lotion at home with very basic ingredients such as lemon, curd, and honey. Sounds interesting, right? And, yeah! It's advantageous too. Getting these ingredients on one table, blending them perfectly and making a soothing body lotion out of it.

Honey Lemon Body Lotion Recipe

So, without wasting much time, let's get straight to making a body lotion at home in very easy steps.


  • 2 tablespoons curd
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • Half a lemon

How To Make Body Lotion - Step-By-Step Process

  • Take a clean bowl.
  • Add curd in it
  • Now, add honey to the curd and blend it well until the honey mixes completely with the curd.
  • Now, take half a lemon and squeeze it completely into the honey-curd mixture. Blend well again until all the three ingredients gel well with each other to form a unique paste.
  • The mixture is now ready and let it rest for a few minutes.

How To Apply

  • Take a cotton ball.
  • Dip it in the paste.
  • Rub it over your face, hands, neck, or legs for a few minutes, so that the paste can get some time to act on your skin.
  • Wash it off with cold water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Pretty simple, isn't it? Well, now you must be really wondering what good can these ingredients do to your skin. So, here's it for you.

Benefits Of This Body Lotion

  • Curd, as it is popular for its cleansing property, is used in this body lotion.
  • Honey too is very effective in making your skin smooth and soft. It also adds a radiant glow to your skin.
  • Lemon acts as a fairness agent - which is why it is used in this body lotion recipe.

Who Can Use This Pack?

Well, everybody for that matter. But those with dry skin should specifically use it, as it will give them smooth, hydrated, and soft skin. This lotion removes dirt from your skin and also acts as a natural cleanser.

How Often Should We Apply This Lotion?

Well, almost every day - if you can. The more you use it, the more good it will do to your skin.

I hope you must have enjoyed reading this article and will surely try out this simple and easy-to-do recipe at home this weekend and treat your skin with a special salon-style cleansing process. Keep reading Boldsky for more such fun and informative tips and tricks on skin care, hair care, and body care. Until then, stay happy and beautiful!

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