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Amazing Inexpensive Products You Need To Add To Your Skin Care Now!

By Riddhi Roy
Skin Care: कम पैसों में ऐसे करें स्किन केयर, खिल उठेंगी त्वचा, Inexpensive beauty products | Boldsky

A lot of people think that beauty is super expensive. While a lot of high-end products can take a major toll on our bank accounts, it doesn't necessarily all have to be expensive, you know.

A lot of products are available in your local markets and even at the chemists that you can add to your skincare regime.

Of course, you would have to spend more if you wish to get all those fancy serums and oils. However, we can assure you that most of them would have drugstore options or even options that you can make by yourselves if you experiment with ingredients enough.

Taking care of your skin is extremely important and just the expense should not intimidate you into neglecting skin care. Good skin care means you'd be needing lesser makeup. It also means that your makeup would go on a lot smoother.

There are a few products that you can get away with using cheap versions of. Here is a list of amazing skincare products you can find without having to spend too much money.


1. Calamine Lotion:

Calamine lotion has zinc oxide and ferric oxide. It is used for many skin problems, like acne and rashes. It helps soothe out inflammations in acne by drying out the spots. It can even be used to treat dry skin.

For this, dab on some calamine lotion on the areas that need to be treated. Do this right after washing your face. Keep the calamine lotion on for about three hours. Wash it off after that.


2. Aloe Vera Gel:

This is one multi-tasking product that is available at any shop for really cheap. Moreover, you can even have this plant in your own garden and extract the gel naturally. Aloe vera gel can be used to soothe sunburns, inflammation due to acne and even as a treatment to really dry skin.

Aloe vera gel has a water-like consistency that helps hydrate the skin without being too greasy. This can even be used as a healing balm after waxing your skin, as it soothes burns.


3. Baby Oil:

Baby oil has multiple uses as well. It can be used after a shower to add moisture to severely dry skin. It is a lightweight, fast-absorbing oil, so it would not be too greasy or stain your clothes if you use it after a bath.

This works better than a moisturiser to treat dry skin. You can even use baby oil to shave your legs, as it protects the skin from the roughness of the razor and even adds a protective layer of moisture between the razor blade and your skin.

Another great benefit of baby oil is that it can be used to remove waterproof makeup. Just take a few drops of baby oil on a cotton ball and use it to remove your makeup.


4. Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil is one of the richest and most penetrating of all oils, making it one of the best oils for skin and hair care. It provides deep levels of moisture and we have seen it working on the driest of skin types. Although it would be best to use coconut oil before you shower, as it is very heavy in nature and it may have the tendency to stain your clothes, if used after a bath.

This is another oil that can be used for makeup removal as well. Coconut oil is also used as a deep conditioner for the hair. Massage your scalp with some warm coconut oil and keep it on for an hour or more before shampooing your hair like you usually would. You will notice your hair to be softer and more moisturised after the first use itself.


5. Baby Lotion:

Baby lotion works as an amazing facial moisturiser. If it's good enough to be used by babies, then we can surely trust its goodness, can't we? High-end moisturisers can be really expensive, and we can assure you that baby lotion works really well on the face.

It is lightweight, non greasy and water based, making it perfect for all skin types. It won't even break out your skin.


6. Petroleum Jelly:

This is one product that can be found in all medicine cabinets. It has amazing uses like being used for chapped lips, cracked heels, or any area that is very dry. A great tip we can give you is that you can coat your heels in petroleum jelly and put on a pair of socks and then go to sleep.

This is a great trick for people who are suffering from severely cracked and painful heels. You can even use petroleum jelly as a lip balm or gloss by adding a blush powder to it, to make it into an amazing tinted lip balm.


7. Baby Powder:

All the baby products are definitely amazing to be used by adults as well, as you can see. Baby powder can actually be used to set your under-eye concealer with. Another trick you can use baby powder on is to coat your lashes with baby powder before applying a mascara. This acts as a lash primer and makes your lashes appear longer and separated.

We hope you like the list of inexpensive products we compiled for you. Always take your skin care very seriously, and keep following Boldsky for more beauty updates!

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Story first published: Thursday, February 22, 2018, 18:00 [IST]