7 Things To Know About Upper Lip Hair Removal

By Dona
all about upper lip hair removal

Upper lip hair is a common thing among everyone but for some women, the hair growth is more due to many factors including genetic or hormonal issues. Most women visit the beauty parlour or salon monthly or bi-monthly for reshaping their eyebrows, but for some upper lip hair removal is also a compulsion.

People who have hormonal disorders like PCOD tend to have side effects like acne growth and increased amount of facial hair. For them, upper lip hair removal along with parts of their grown facial hair also becomes mandatory.

It is not just about feeling how beautiful you are, it is also about the confidence you can carry.

Due to increased amount of testosterone level in your body, facial hair starts to grow but apart from maintaining a healthy diet, it is also recommended to remove the hair timely every month or every 15 days, and how?

We will tell you. There are different techniques for you to adopt for removing upper lip hair. We have jotted them down and also have mentioned each of their pros and cons which makes it easier for you to choose the best one.

1. Shaving

There are many girls who choose shaving with sensitive blades exclusively manufactured for women. It is the first hair removal technique every girl applies and there are many who choose this method to remove their female 'moustaches'.


  • Inexpensive
  • Painless method
  • Time saving method


  • Hair grows vigorously afterwards
  • Skin surface hardens
  • Growth of hair becomes quick
  • Leaves a darkening effect on skin

2. Hair Removal Cream For Sensitive Areas

The first hair removal technique a young girl opts for, after shaving is using hair removal creams. It is widely used, ranging between reasonable to expensive brands. Upper lip hair removal can also be done with this technique.


  • Hassle-free method
  • Easy to do
  • Painless method


  • Chances of getting allergies
  • Darkened skin
  • Skin reactions

3. Skin Bleach

Bleaching is very commonly done by girls at home. It is not a tool to remove the hair but cover it to match your skin tone. As upper lip hair removal is a very regular and continuous way, girls tend to opt for cream bleaching.


  • Quick process
  • Painless method
  • Inexpensive method
  • No assistance required


  • Reactions on the skin
  • Can cause allergies to sensitive skin
  • It can have harmful after effects

4. Facial Epilators

Nowadays, facial epilators have taken the place of razors and they are totally battery operated. They are used to remove upper lip hair quickly and without hassle.


  • Free of hassles
  • Time saving
  • Painless method


  • Hair growth escalates
  • Can cause cuts or bruises if not used with care

5. Waxing

Waxing can be a bit painful but an easy solution for removing not just upper lip hair but any body hair. Most of the time, it is done with a natural or herbal wax base, so chances of reactions are less. Only for sensitive skins, waxing makes the pores enlarged which can cause swelling for a limited period of time. It should only be done under the hand of an expert.


  • Fast method
  • Saves time
  • Relief for a longer time
  • Herbal base, so reactionless on sensitive skin


  • A bit painful
  • Needs support of a waxing expert
  • Can be expensive if seeked from a good expert

6. Threading

Threading is the most preferrable method to remove upper lip hair and it can also delay hair growth for a longer period of time. This too needs an expert assistance.


  • Most convenient
  • Money-worthy
  • Does not leave any mark
  • Inexpensive


  • A bit painful
  • Reddens the skin for a while

7. Laser Treatments

They call it to be a permanent hair upper removal method but take our word for it, the hair again grows back after a few years. This is a solution for a very long time but it can also be highly reactive.


  • A longer run solution
  • Leaves back no hair
  • Painless


  • Risky for the skin
  • Can cause skin diseases like cancer
  • Very expensive
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