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10+ Everyday Footcare Tips For Happy and Healthy Feet


Helping us to move and locomote, our pair of feet go through a lot, by the time we to go bed. Before going to bed, we apply night cream, some hand cream followed by a perfume - but what do we do for our feet?

On very hectic days, we return home and just sleep off, even forgetting to wash our feet. The end result is - the feet giving up. The feet start to smell bad followed by callus, corns, pain, patches and so many more problems. It is only when these feet problems go unbearable that take our smartphones to search - how to take care of feet.


But for happy and healthy feet, it is important to follow foot care tips on a daily basis such that they are pampered and it is 'happy feet'. The to-do list for healthy feet might look long, but these are simple tips which can be well done at home.

So than scratching your brain to think, how to take care of feet, here are the twenty everyday to-dos that are tips for healthy feet. Doing these will ensure that your feet look good and you feel good from within.


Keep Them Dry

Like any other body part, even our feet sweat, especially when locked inside a covered shoe for long. Here, the aim should be dry your feet at regular intervals. Just remove your shoes and use a small hand towel to wipe the sweat. This is one of the first key doing for healthy feet.


Say No To Barefoot

A common tendency during rush hours is to go barefoot. While you might remain barefoot at home if you have a clean floor but outside, don't even think about it. If the usual footwear bores you, how about a simple flipflop? This will add to your feet's feel good factor and also protect them from dirt and pollution.


Scrub And Cleanse Every Day

Mere watering of feet during the bath is not adequate when it comes to having healthy feet. Allot a special 5 minutes of your bath time for your feet when you start by scrubbing them with a pumice stone and feet scrubber. These follow to cleansing with a mild soap. Doing this every day in your foot care regime will ensure soft feet and happy ones.


Reserve Time For Pedicure

How much you pamper your feet at home, it can never be compared to a professional pedicure. So, how about heading to the salon once a month for a pedicure or foot massage? Direct pampering to the cells of the feet will activate them and you will feel good. When selecting a pedicure treatment in the salon, there are many varieties and you should decide depending on your feet problems.


Allot Rest Time To Your Feet

Your feet equally become tired as your body. So in its pampering span, do ensure that they rest by placing them on a soft surface and relax. Over walking or over workout can trigger your feet problems. Hence, when planning your foot care regimen, ensure you rest them for a considerable time (other than sleep hours).


Shape And Trim Your Toenails

To take care of your feet, one of the basic to do is cropping, shaping and filing your nails at regular intervals. Keep a good nail cutter at home and do it whenever you think your nails are getting bigger than they should be. Regular filing decreases the use of nail cutter and your feet will look neat.


Don't Hesitate To Reach The Dermatologist

Despite ample taking care of the feet, severe problems might happen like corns, fungal infection, discolouration and more. Do not try curing such severe foot problems with basic foot care tips. In such a case, try going to a dermatologist who can medically treat your feet problem before it becomes worse.


Wear The Right Footwear

One of the primary reasons why foot problems happen is when you don't wear the right footwear. For the sake of fashion or to cut on expense, you end up buying cheap footwear, which affects the health of your feet. To make your feet look and feel awesome, buy the right pair of shoes that fits you and is made of quality material. Further, the footwear should protect your feet than being your style statement.


Be Picky When It Comes To Nail Paint

This is for the girls. It looks really nice to get your nails painted and changing the colours every day. However, to do this ending up buying cheap colours for your lovely toes is a blunder. Also, some apply coats of nail polish and let it be until it goes off naturally. Jabbed low-quality nail paint affects the health of your feet and hence you should say a no to that. Buy well-branded nail paints, apply and remove with time for healthy feet.


Moisturize Your Feet

To take care of feet, you have to moisturize them. The ideal time is after your bath, to dry your feet and then moisturize. Yet if your busy schedule does not allow that, how about moisturizing when you are free by first washing your feet and then applying creams? Feet can also be moisturized with natural kitchen products like a mixture of coffee and honey for glow.


Considerations During New Footwear

As mentioned earlier, the tips for healthy feet lay focus on footwear. So, you got to think about your feet when getting your next set of shoes. Firstly, it is recommended to buy your footwear in the afternoon as in the broad daylight it will be comfortable for you to understand what your are buying and next, our feet sweat all day long. During the afternoon, it is believed that the human feet is maximum swelled and hence one should buy footwear during the afternoon.


Swear By Socks

A very bad habit is not wearing socks with footwear, expecting shoes to do the wonder. Well, when reading about foot care tips and working for healthy feet, you have to buy a good pair of socks. Wear socks as much as possible and especially when you are out. Also, do not wear the same socks every day. Wash your socks and change into fresh pairs every day.


Removing Callus And Corns

How much you try to avoid, callus and corns are common problems that might happen especially for flat foot people. Do not panic when you discover your first corn and by no way plan to crop it off with a blade. Whenever you see a corn or callus, start with lukewarm water treatment, some natural home remedies, corn caps and yet if these are of no use - do visit a dermatologist.


Buy New Foot Care Products

Often at home, you try doing your footcare regime with whatever is available. Though you may continue doing it, it won't yield good results. It is highly recommended that you buy new foot care products, especially when you are in the plan to revamp your foot care regimen. Footcare products include a pumice stone, foot cream, pedicure set, glycerin and more.

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Story first published: Friday, June 16, 2017, 20:30 [IST]
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