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How Is Sunlight Good For Skin Problems?

Sunlight fights skin cancer and scientists have confirmed this. Now when the sunlight can cure such a chronic disease, it definitely implies that the sun is a boon for the skin.

Not just for the skin, but sunlight also works for bodily diseases like diabetes, sclerosis, osteoporosis and so on.

benefits of sunlight

Exactly like plants, even the human body absorbs sunlight. However, you also have got to keep an eye on the timing of exposure because extra-exposure to the sunlight can also be deadly for your skin and lead you to developing extreme bouts of headache.

So, take the watch and ensure that only your affected body part is exposed to sunlight and repeat the method for some time. This is called Heliosis. Heliosis makes your skin problem get cured quicker.

Take a look at the list of skin problems on which sunlight works as a therapy if exposed every day for a fixed period of time.

Sunlight Treats Acne

If a big area of your face or body is acne prone, just expose that towards the sun for a quality period of ten minutes. Apply some oil after the sun facing is done to calm down the skin. In case the acnes react to the sunlight, please discontinue the process.

Sunlight Treats Eczema

Skin eczema comes with problems like itching and inflammation. Sunlight works on these problems associated with eczema patients and helps the skin dry out faster. Sunlight increases vitamin D production at the eczema prone area, thereby healing it. Sunlight therapy is a strict no for those with sensitive skin.

Sunlight Treats Fungal Infections

If you are sure that your skin is having a fungal infection, then the Heliosis or sun remedy works on it. However, if you are unsure, do not opt for the sun remedy, as it will unnecessarily tan the skin. Fungal infections can go really gross and along with sunlight therapy, you must take medications or other effective home remedies.

Therapeutic Effect Of The Sun On Human Skin

Natural sunlight has a therapeutic effect on our skin. So in case, there is a minor wound or scratch, then also try exposing the area to sunlight, ensuring no dirt gets it. The sunlight dries off the skin problem and heals it faster.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 25, 2017, 8:00 [IST]
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