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Five Fabulous Home Remedies For Damaged Skin

By Jaiwantika Dutta Dhupkar

Your skin can suffer damage due to any number of reasons. Harsh sunlight, pollution, chemicals, smoking, nutritional deficiencies and stress can all take their toll on it, leaving it looking dull, dry and lifeless.

Getting the glow and life back into your skin does involve a certain degree of holistic well-being, but there are also simpler solutions you can pick right off from your kitchen or fridge shelf, which will brighten up your skin in an instant.

 Fabulous Home Remedies For Damaged Skin

Damaged skin is what you get when sunlight, pollution or any of those harmful skin stressors break down the elastin in your skin, causing it to become loose, flabby and making it sag.

Your skin is composed of billions of tiny elastic fibres, and these fibres snap when they are damaged, leading to an unhealthy and ugly skin condition. Don't stress too much about it though; you'll only damage your skin further!

So, here are five simple fixes that'll do your damaged skin a world of good, have a look:


To soothe inflammed, sun-burnt or even cut and bruised skin, simply get an ice cube out of your freezer. You can keep a ready stock of such ice cubes, and use them several times in a day, every day.

You can even stock them in the office fridge, so they're a great go-to remedy when you've just stepped in from the blistering sun outside.

You can make your ice cubes extra-special by making them out of rose water, cucumber juice or aloe vera juice; basically out of just about anything that appeals to you and your skin.


A brilliant way to rejuvenate damaged skin is to treat it to a fresh yogurt face pack. All you need is some fresh yogurt, and you can chill it in the refrigerator for an added thrill. Yogurt moisturizes the skin, soothes skin damage and helps heal broken skin fibres eventually.


Repair the skin damage with about two tablespoons of honey, which is an ancient remedy for healing skin damage.

Honey has anti-microbial properties, and moisturizes the skin very well. It also helps the skin build elastin, and is great for skin damage control, especially if used regularly.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera has been termed the remedy to all ills, skin damage included. It's a good idea to grow yours fresh, but if you don't have the time or the inclination to do so, then this gel can be bought from the pharmacy.

Chill the gel in the the refrigerator, and apply it in on damaged skin to experience an immediate relief. Regular use of aloe vera helps to solve skin damage issues, and firmer, clearer skin will soon be yours.

Coconut Oil:

A tried and tested remedy with many uses around the Indian home, coconut oil is great for everything from oiling your hair to cleaning your teeth to cooking your food in.

In addition to these, it's also an ideal solution for damaged skin, helping repair damaged skin tissues. Coconut oil eases stretch marks and wrinkles too, and if you have fine lines, they'll soon be gone with regular use of this wonderful product.

Saying goodbye to damaged skin isn't such a problem, you can always begin today with these simple kitchen fixes.

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    Story first published: Sunday, July 23, 2017, 17:01 [IST]
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