Easy Tips To Control Oil On Face During Summer

By: Rima Chowdhury

Struggling with excessive oil on the face is one among the common problems each one of us suffers from, especially during the summer season.

Due to increase in the temperature, your body starts producing excessive oil which gets accumulated on the face, thus giving you an oily look. With teh help of a few easy tips, you could control the oil buildup on face during the summer time.

tips to control oil on face during summer

Sometimes, oily face strikes when you are not even trying to get a dewy look on the face. Having excessive or unwanted shine on the face is surely not desirable by all of us.

Well, if you are struggling with excessive oil accumulation on the skin, here we mention to you some of the easy ways to control oil on the face during the summer season.


1. Rubbing Alcohol

According to beauty experts, using a very small amount of alcohol on the face can help to prevent the accumulation of oil easily.

Using very little alcohol on the face can help to get rid of the unwanted shine on the face and also it helps in preventing the over-drying of the skin.

Take some alcohol and apply it on your face with the help of a cotton ball. Allow it to dry naturally and then apply a light face powder.


2. Cleansers

Using cleansers is another important step that can help to get rid of the unwanted shine on the face. You should generally be using cleansers with a high amount of salicylic acid, as it helps to keep your skin dry and smooth. Salicylic acid helps to break down the excessive oil accumulation on the face, thus keeping your skin smooth and controlling oil buildup during summer. Also, wash your hands before touching your face to prevent oil accumulation.


3. Mattifying Primer

If you are travelling somewhere and want to keep the excessive oil at bay, you can use a mattifying primer. There is a large variety of mattifying primers available in the market, which can help to control the accumulation of oil on the face. Using mattifying primer on the skin can help to prevent an unwanted shine on the face and also it allows your makeup to stay on for longer. Make sure you choose a mattifying primer according to your skin type.


4. Face Mask

Experimenting with face masks is an effective way to treat unwanted layer of oil from getting accumulated on the skin. You should prefer using a face mask with charcoal extract, oats or salicylic acid, as it helps to keep your skin dry and soft all the time. Pick up appropriate face maks that are specially made for oily skin. Clay mask is the best mask to control oil on the face.


5. Use Milk

In order to battle oily skin, you should include cold raw milk in your daily skin care routine. Due to magnesium present in the milk, it can help to keep your skin clear and supple. According to beauty experts, it is said that applying cold raw milk on the face can help to treat the oily skin problem and keep it at bay. All you need to do is to apply some raw milk on your face with the help of a cotton ball and massage for some time. Repeat this every day in the morning to keep your skin dry and healthy throughout the day.


6. Blot Before Applying Makeup

Blotting your face before applying makeup can help to remove the excessive production of oil on the face. After you apply a moisturizer, take a tissue paper and lay it flat on the face. Tissue paper can help to take care of the excess moisture and oil accumulated on the skin. Blot the face properly and then you can apply your makeup. Blot once again after you are done applying the makeup.


7. Choose Foundation Appropriately

While you are choosing a foundation for oily skin, make sure it is specially designed for your skin type. Always pick up an oil-free foundation, so that it keeps your skin dry and treats the unwanted glow on the face. Mineral powder foundation is another effective remedy that can help to soak the excess oil from the face. If not anything, choosing mattifying foundation can work best on oily skin.


8. Avoid Heavy Creams

You should prevent using heavy creams on your face, as it clogs the pores, thus increasing the risk of excessive oil production on the skin. Avoid using heavy creams at night as well as daytime. Instead, you can choose to opt for light-weighted lotions, so that it keeps your skin soft and smooth. It is always good to use a hydrating serum on the face.

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