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DIY Pedicure At Home To Remove Feet Tan And Discolouration

One of the most unnoticed and least taken care of part of our body is the feet.

All day long, we sit, we walk or stand on them, yet at the end of the day, all our feet get is a splash of water. The outcome is - the feet become tanned, discoloured and the skin there becomes rough or dead.

It is important to maintain good hygiene of the feet, in order to not welcome deadly skin diseases. Also, tanned or discoloured feet become a key problem when it comes to wearing fancy footwear.

So that your feet are always neat and clean, how about a pedicure session right at home?

A pedicure is a must do for both men and women. The pedicure retreats the feet of the person but costs a bomb in salons. Also, going to the pedicure is always not possible in our busy life.

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So, here is a DIY pedicure method described step wise that you can do at home to feel rejuvenated. This pedicure includes making a foot pack and foot scrub, which ensure that the problem of tanned skin or discolouration on your feet does not exist.


Step I: Use A Nail Polish Remover

This step only extends to women. In case there is nail polish on your feet, use a good remover and cotton pad to clean the nails first. Do not choose a cheap nail polish remover, as it may break the enamel of your nail.


Step II: Dip Your Feet In Lukewarm Water

Before beginning the DIY pedicure for tanned and discoloured feet, do make sure there is enough lukewarm water. Do not take very hot water, as it may affect the skin of your feet.

In a baby bath tub or tumbler, take lukewarm water, add baby shampoo or liquid soap and mix well. Dip your feet in this soapy water for 15 minutes. Those with intense feet problems will start feeling better from this point onwards.


Step III: Use A Pumice Stone To Remove Dead Skin Cells

After you bring out your feet from the lukewarm water, you will need a pumice stone. Rub the pumice stone gently all over your feet, especially on the heels, to remove the dead, flaky skin and foot calluses. In case you don't have the pumice stone, you can use a foot brush.


Step IV: Remove The Dirt From The Toe Nails Using A Spatula

Take your nail cutter and trim the nails of your feet in the shape that you want.

Once the nail cutting part is over, take out the spatula of your nail cutter and use this to bring out the extra dirt from the inside of your nails.


Step V: Use The 4 Pedicure Instruments

At this step, you will have to use four pedicure instruments - cuticle pusher, dead skin fork, razor, and filer.

  • Cuticle pusher - to smoothly press on the over bulging cuticles and make them appear even.
  • Dead skin fork - to remove the dead skin completely from the feet. This is safe.
  • Razor - is optional, in case of those who have long feet hair and would like to remove it.
  • Filer - to shape the nail either in a circular or square form.

Step VI: Homemade Feet Scrubber

  • Begin by warming the water, as you need it again.
  • Also, at this point, you will have to scrub your feet.
  • To scrub your feet, you will need tomato, besan and sandalwood powder.
  • Mix an equal ratio of besan and sandalwood. Next cut a tomato, take one piece of it, dip in the powder mix and scrub it on your tanned or discoloured area of the feet. Squeeze the tomato by the end, so that its juice is all over your feet. It's better to do this step in the washroom.
  • If you think the tomato scrub is complicated to do, you can also make a salt-sugar scrub with honey and apply it on the feet during a DIY pedicure session.

Step VII: Apply An Anti-tan Homemade Foot Pack

  • Once the foot scrubbing is done, wash your feet in lukewarm water and then, it is time to apply the anti-tan foot pack.
  • We are providing you with two DIY anti-tan foot pack recipes, which you could pick from.
  • DIY anti-tan foot pack recipe I: sugar, coffee powder, aloe vera gel and lime juice.
  • DIY anti-tan foot pack recipe II: rice flour, honey, potato juice and lime juice.
  • Prepare any of the above-mentioned DIY anti-foot packs, and massage it all over your feet for 10 minutes.
  • Put your feet back in the bucket of lukewarm water.
  • Pat dry once the foot pack is removed.

Step VIII: Use A Foot Cream

Use petroleum jelly or a foot cream to moisturize your feet as the last step of the DIY pedicure at home to treat tanned and discoloured feet.

Ladies can end this by applying coats of nail polish on their feet.

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