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7 Last-minute Beauty Tips For Every Bride

Are you getting married anytime soon? If yes, then we can assume that you have already booked your bridal grooming sessions from your favourite salon or a consultation from your beauty specialist.

However be the case, a bride always wants to look her best on her D-day come what may. She takes that extra step towards grooming herself well for her special day, but this could also cause an unnecessary strain on her.

Being beautiful is at the end of the day feeling beautiful and it goes above any impression you create or the appretiations you get. Primarily, any bride would like to feel much beautiful than getting those compliments. Of course, they matter but feeling beautiful comes over everything else.

Well, there are ways to look even better than what the beauty grooming sessions can do and those ways are just at the grip of your hand. All you need to do is to know about them and utilize them to the fullest.

There are basic in-hand techniques any bride can apply on the day of her wedding. By applying these last-minute beauty tips, a bride can add much more beauty to her already beautiful look and also feel beautiful from within.

Go ahead and take a look!


Skin Priming

On every bride's wedding day, it is taken for granted that a lot of makeup would be following and the skin needs to be prepared to face so much exposure. At the end of the day, all makeup materials are cosmetics and contain chemicals that can affect the skin.

Skin needs ample amount of moisturization and one has to make sure that after and before every wash, the skin is being moisturized more than the normal days from the earlier night.


Dump Salt, Sugar and Anything Alcohol

All these things, alcohol, salt and sugar, tend to create puffiness to the skin and we suppose nobody likes the uninvited puffiness to the look, especially eyes and parts of the face.

Reduce on these intakes from a week and avoid all of these from the previous day of your wedding. After the knot is tied, you are ready to drink like a fish and eat like a panda.


Pamper The Hands

As we have mentioned, skin needs to be hydrated. We forgot to mark a specialization category, the hands! They need to be pampered by exfoliation and moisturisation as much as possible.


Fixing An Assistant

This is something very important and we are not kidding about it. You should have someone who would be constantly with you on the D-day and who would carry your emergency bag.

An emergency bag must have the eye and lip cosmetics you would be wearing, stain removers, tissues and bobby pins. In short, you need to have all touch-up materials that you might need any moment on the wedding day.


Spray It Up

This advice is for the wedding day evening, especially when the makeup artist you hired leaves. You are at your own risk at that point and if even a part of the makeup fades off, you might be scarred for your life.

Always get to know from the makeup artists about the colours and skin shades they use, so that it is easier for the touchup. Apply a finishing spray to ensure the longevity of the makeup.


Drink Water

It leaves no limit to follow, as the more you drink water, especially from the previous day, the more you'd look brighter. Have at least 5 to 6 litres from the previous night and more during the day to keep the skin hydrated.


Sleep, Sleep And More Sleep

This journey should start from the previous day and the more you sleep, the better. Sleeping would help in making you look fresher and much more rested. The more, the better. Hence, hit the sack early on the previous night.

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Story first published: Tuesday, August 29, 2017, 11:45 [IST]
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