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Why Grapes Are Good For Skin In Summer?

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Do you know why doctors advice us to consume a lot of grapes in summer? It is only because of their pulp.

The pulp of grapes whether purple or green are said to be high in nutrients and protein. Consuming grapes will help to boost one's immunity and this aids in helping you live a better lifestyle.

Why Grapes Are Good For Skin In Summer?

On the other hand, grape pulp is also good for the skin. When you consume it the pulps helps to make the skin shine from within. It treats the skin in such a way that you will not develop any acne or blemishes again.

However beauty experts too advice using grape pulp on the skin in the form of face pack or skim masks in the summer. The pulp with all its vitamins will boost your complexion. It will treat dry skin and above all the pulp will make your skin feel cooler in summer.

So, here below are some of the reasons why grapes are good for skin in the summer. Why don't you take a look at these reasons and make use of this summer fruit right away:

Grapes heal your skin: If your skin is itchy and broken, waste no time. Apply the pulp over the broken itching skin for 4 days continuously. When the pulp dry wipe it off with rise water cotton ball. Repeat again if the itchiness continues.


Grapes remove blemishes: Blemishes can be treated if you pamper your skin with vitamin C. Massage your face with cold grape pulp in a 360 direction. Allow the juice to dry on your face and then rinse off.

Grapes lightens scars:

Grapes lightens scars: Wanting your scars to disappear? Well the only natural thing you can apply on your skin is grape pulp. Allow the pulp to dry well in your face and when done rinse your face with cold milk.

Grapes makes you fairer:

Grapes makes you fairer: If you want your skin to become fairer., vitamin C is the best element to use on your skin. Allow the juice of the grape along with the pulp go soak into your skin before rinsing it well with water.

Grapes hydrate your skin:

Grapes hydrate your skin: To hydrate your skin vitamins are the most important. Since grapes gas the highest amount if water in their pulp and a good amount of vitamin C, rinsing your face with fresh grape juice once in the week is necessary in the summer.

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Story first published: Monday, April 4, 2016, 8:00 [IST]
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