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Treat Your Skin With These Fruits This Summer

By: Debdatta Mazumder

The sun is glaring at you and the temperature is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is very important to take a good care of your skin this summer.

The harmful UV rays do a severe damage to your skin and in turn make you look dull. But, you have to go out and do your job. So, how to take care of your skin so that it remains revitalised throughout during summer?

Try effective and interesting fruit treatments for your skin this summer.

With the changing environment, the summer is becoming dry from a last few years. Though there is humidity in the air, the sun is so scorching that it only makes you sweaty.

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The greasy face is your regular companion in summer days. To relieve your skin and keep it bright, you should follow the best ways to treat your skin with fruits.

You know how relieved you feel while devouring into the chunks of watermelon. Now, take one piece and rub it all over your face. You’ll definitely feel soother and calmer.

Which fruit treatment for skin this summer is the best? Actually, the summer season will get only an 'A+’ in the availability of fruits.

This is the season of colourful, juicy and yummy fruits. While consuming them you can also apply some on your skin to get the best skin ever!

The best ways to treat your skin with fruits is to use these fruits on your skin. Have a look.


1. Cucumber As A Scrubber:

Maybe the market-made scrubber cleans your face, but it can create irritation for some. Do you want to make your face look youthful? Use cucumber slices to scrub your skin. You can also use cucumber juice as a toner and a dark-circle remover.


2. Watermelon To Treat Your Skin:

While thinking of the best ways to treat your skin with fruits, you can't forget this yummy fruit. With a rich source of vitamins A and C, it has anti-ageing components. If you have an oily skin, watermelon is the best natural oil absorbent.


3. Strawberry To Reduce Dark Spots:

It is summer, so you can't escape from skin tan and dark spots on your face. How irritating, right? Smash strawberries and mix it with honey and curd. Consider this as the best fruit treatment for the skin this summer to reduce suntan.


4. Banana:

The benefits of banana for skin treatment are plenty. Being a rich source of vitamins A, B and E, banana treats your skin from deep down and brings back the natural glow. Also, the anti-ageing properties in a banana stop untimely wrinkles and fine lines.


5. Lemon:

While talking about fruit treatments to use this summer, this is the best remedy for any summer skin problem. From reducing blackheads to enhancing your skin tone, lemon is here to the rescue. Just rubbing it on the skin can remove dead cells. And, you can also use several face packs with it.


6. Papaya:

Just slather a smashed papaya on your skin and you can say good-bye to lots of skin problems this summer. The antioxidants in a papaya fight the growth of free radicals, while the enzymes in it clean the skin impurities and remove the dead skin cells.


7. Mango:

This aromatic fruit not only allures you to have it, but you can also be benefited by it if you apply it on your skin. Mango is full of antioxidants and vitamin A. Therefore, it is an effective weapon to fight skin ageing, sagging eyes and crow feet. Obviously, it is the best fruit treatment for this summer.

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Story first published: Sunday, April 17, 2016, 19:00 [IST]
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