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Step-By-Step Cleansing Routine You MUST Follow If You Have Oily Skin!

By Kumutha

Diligent skin care routine, expensive creams and periodic spa hopping, still that elusive flawless skin, beats you? Well, it's time to know your skin type! Read this article to know more about the cleansing routine for oily skin.

Knowing your skin type is not a rocket science, it is easier than you think! Here is what you need to look for.

Dry skin is equal to stretchy, scaly and rough skin. Oily skin is equal to open pores, greasiness and frequent on-sprouts of pimples. Combination skin is equal to dry skin in some places and excessively oily in the rest.

Sensitive skin is prone to inflammation, burning and itchiness. And the best skin of all, normal skin, which has just the balanced oil to give your skin that flawless clear look, is the skin that most of them admire.

Almost all skin types are fairly easy to handle, except oily skin. If not taken care of properly, it can turn into a nightmare.

Good news, following a simple cleansing routine for oily skin can keep it balanced and prevent breakout. Bad news, it can make a difference, but slow not a radical overnight change.

Step by step cleansing routine for oily skin

Step 1:

Pick an oil-free foaming cleanser that removes the dirt from the skin without stripping its natural oils. When oil is completely removed from skin, the sebaceous gland goes in an overdrive, producing more oil than usual. So, stick to a mild cleanser and wash your face not more than thrice a day.

Step 2:

Your hand is a breeding ground of bacteria, so do yourself a favour and wash your hands first thing before you bring it anywhere near your face.

Step 3:

Rinse your face thoroughly and take the cleanser in the palm of your hand. Gently massage it to your skin until foam builds. Avoid the area under your eyes. Rinse your face repeatedly with a lot of water. Avoid using hot water, as it can dry out your skin. Use cold water instead, as it closes open pores.

Step 4:

Take a fluffy cotton towel or an old clean cotton T-shirt and pat your skin dry. Avoid rubbing your skin, as it will cause acne to aggravate.

Step 5:

Another tip on how to wash oily skin is this one. Make toner your best friend. Toner revitalizes your skin, while removing the last traces of makeup. Take a few drops of alcohol-free toner in a cotton ball. Gently dab it on your skin and neck. Let it get fully absorbed onto your skin.

Pro Tip: If alcohol-free toner is what you are looking for, we suggest good old rose water.

Step 6:

Another thing you should never do if you have oily skin is use cream-based moisturiser, it is like asking for trouble. Take a pea-sized moisturiser in the palm of your hand, preferably a mild one designed for oily skin and infused with SPF properties, and massage it onto your skin in upward gentle strokes.

Step 7:

In the night, follow the same routine, and replace the moisturiser with your night cream. Pick a night cream which has anti-ageing, anti-pigmentation and oil-controlling properties.

If you have any more tips on how to care for oily skin, do share it with us in the comment section below.

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