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Skin Problems That All Women In Their Mid Twenties Face

By Riddhi

The twenties are a wondrous time for your beauty and skin. But, as soon as you start edging closer to your mid twenties, your skin can get really difficult to handle. We will be listing down some skin problems that all women in their mid twenties start to face.

Ageing is something that gradually happens to everyone and we should all just accept it gracefully. Most women feel horrified at the first signs of ageing even when they know all of this, and yes, that feeling is only natural.

But it's got to help to know that everyone goes through the same thing. So, we will be listing down a few of the things that happen to everyone. Just to make you feel a little better about the things you are probably going through now as you've hit your mid twenties, listed here are skin problems that women face in mid twenties.

Along with them, we've written about what you can do to combat the skin problems to an extent. Of course, ageing cannot be slowed down completely, but it can be delayed. So, have a look.

1. Dark Spots: The number of dark spots increase exponentially as you age. And it is also really difficult to get rid of the spots. What you can do is use a spot corrector from a reliable brand, and use it every night. It would be best for brands that have natural ingredients.

2. Sun Damage: Your tendency to have skin that gets damaged by the sun increases as you age, so it is absolutely imperative for you to never, ever skip on sunscreens. Go for the one that has an SPF protection of 30 or more. What's more, this would even delay the ageing signs.

3. Crow's Feet: The under-eye area is the first area to start showing the signs of ageing, as the skin there is really thin and sensitive. To avoid this, you must always use an eye cream, preferably the one that has retinol as an ingredient.

4. Smile Lines: The second area that gets affected is the corners of your mouth. Smile lines are very real. And in a way, not smiling can actually reduce your chances of getting wrinkles. So, the next time someone tells you to smile more often, tell them you're just avoiding wrinkles.

5. Pigmentation: As you get older, you will start to face the problem of pigmentation, when parts of your skin start to get duller or seem patchy. The way to deal with this is by doing regular exfoliation.

6. Frown Lines: Frown lines are skin problems of mid twenties that appear on your forehead from frowning too much. The best way to slow this down would be to start using a retinol-based cream.

7. Grey Hair: Alas, this problem is unavoidable, although using amla oil to massage your scalp can really help, of course, it can't stop it forever.

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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 14:00 [IST]