Skin Care Tips For Women Over 25

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25 is actually the age at which your skin starts showing signs of ageing. Yes, as early as that! Ageing is a very natural process, which we should accept gracefully. But none of us expect ageing to occur as early as 25 in reality. So, we have compiled skin care tips for anyone who has reached the age of 25 years. Read on.

The skin begins to lose its elasticity at the age of 25 and that is why, it is so important to take extra care of it.

Earlier, we used to get away with being lazy with our skins, as during the early twenties, our skin does not like to torture us as much, although what you do in the early twenties does impact how your skin behaves later on in life.

Skin care should basically be a lifelong process, but it isn't as important to have a strict skin care regime when you're young.

As you grow older, it is a must to have a skin care regime and to stick to it as well and that too on a daily basis. It is also important to know what suits you and what does not.

So, here are some skin care tips you should follow once you are 25 years or older, take a look.


1. Cleansing:

By 25, you should be aware of which face wash suits your skin, and you should not keep switching brands. Use this to wash your face twice every day and not more than that. Using it more could strip your face of its oils.


2. Toner:

It is really important to start using a toner after 25, even if you have done fine with skipping it for all these years. Use one that has witch hazel as an ingredient, as this is known for firming the skin.


3. Moisturiser:

For moisturiser, never go cheap. Only rely on well-known brands, as you can't take a risk with your skin. Massage the moisturiser in to your skin, so that the skin drinks it up good. Also, you must have two different moisturisers for day and night-time use.


4. Exfoliation:

It is really important to scrub your face, once every week, to get rid of dead skin cells, whiteheads and blackheads. This makes the skin look brand new and it gets rid of all the clogged impurities. Do not scrub more than once a week, as this could irritate the skin and even cause breakouts.


5. Face Pack:

Along with scrubbing, use a face pack as well every week. You may make one by yourself or use a store-bought one. For DIY face packs, turmeric is a really good, multi-tasking ingredient to use. This is one of the best skin care tips for women over 25.


6. Night Cream:

A night cream or serum is a must after a certain age. Night creams are made to repair your skin overnight from all the damage that is faced during the day. This means, it heals dry skin and even sun damage, so you can wake up to skin that looks replenished.


7. Eye Cream:

Yes, you cannot go without an eye cream any more. Your under-eye area has skin that is more sensitive than skin on other parts of your face. The lining here is really thin and that's why it is earliest to show the signs of ageing. So, use an eye cream every night before going to sleep.


8. Remove Makeup:

Removing makeup is a tip you should follow at all ages to be honest, but since it is such an important step, we cannot skip mentioning about it. If you don't have a makeup remover, you can use petroleum jelly or even a simple solution like baby oil on a cotton ball to remove your makeup.


9. SPF:

Use a product with SPF during the day. This can save you from sun spots and even ageing signs. Imagine, just a sunscreen can also help you delay the signs of ageing.


10. Massage:

Take time out to massage your face twice every day. This improves blood circulation on the face and even relieves stress. This is also know to promote collagen production, the protein that is responsible for maintaining elasticity of the skin.


11. Water:

Drink at least two litres of water every day, as the amount of water you drink actually shows up on your face. This is a must follow skin care tip women over the age of 25 years have to remember.


12. Lips:

Use a really thick coat of lip balm before you go to sleep to wake up to soft, plump lips. This even makes it a lot easier for you to apply your lipstick the next morning.

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Story first published: Tuesday, September 27, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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