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Skin Care On The Go: Your Perfect Skin Care Guide


In the busy world of software and technology, everyone is constantly on the move along with following long working hours, wherein regular skin care seems to be becoming difficult day by day.

So, a quick solution for skin care on the go is here.

Basic Prerequisites For A Simple Skin Care Routine

Four products are all you need on an everyday basis and those are a face wash, a sunscreen lotion, a moisturiser and an eye cream, and voila, you're one step forward in following a proper skin care routine.

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So, Here's The Plan:

1. Face wash: You need to choose the face wash based on your skin type.
Whether you have normal, combination, dry, oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin, there are face washes that are available to suit every skin type. Wash your face 2 to 3 times in a day using a mild face wash for best results.

Avoid using harsh scrubs on a daily basis. If you need to scrub, then using it once or twice in a week is ideally preferable.

skin care tips by experts

2. Sunscreen Lotion: A sunscreen lotion needs to now be an integral part of your daily skin care routine and it needs to be applied 2 to 3 times in a day.

An ideal sunscreen lotion must have an SPF of 30 to give you the right protection and should also be a broad-spectrum product, protecting you against the radiations, including visible light and UV radiation.

There are numerous sunscreen formulations available today, including creams, lotions, gels and sprays.

Choose the formulation that suits your skin and lifestyle the most. The newer sunscreens also nowadays have added active ingredients for pigmentation, so even anti-ageing can be taken care of to provide the added camouflage.

You can apply your make-up on top of your sunscreen. However, remember to remove all the make-up at night.

skin care tips by experts

3. Moisturiser: Moisturisers can be used under the sunscreen and again they need to chosen based on the skin type and the active ingredients they contain. Look for the added benefit of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, etc, when you choose a moisturiser.

There are oil-free emulsions, moisturiser sprays, creams, especially for acne-prone skin, etc, that are available these days. Therefore, it is a misconception that only dry skin, and not oily skin, needs a moisturiser.

4. Eye Cream: An eye cream is a specially suited formulation for the delicate area around the eyes. These products usually help lighten the under-eye dark circles and wrinkles and should ideally be used twice in a day.

Eye creams contain active ingredients and a make-up tint, so they serve both functions of camouflaging as well as treating the under-eye dark circles.

skin care tips by experts

Basics For The Office:
In your office drawer, along with your coffee cup, keep a small-sized face wash, a moisturiser, a hand cream and a small 100 mL thermal water spray.

These work great for the office, especially to hydrate one's skin, when in front of the computer system for hours on end.

Skin Care Bag:
You should include a small bag with skin care essentials in your office bag. Even if you are out of the office all day long due to meetings, a 5-minute mid-day skin care blitz can marvelously rejuvenate your skin for the day.

Take care of your skin at home and in the office, as a total skin care routine will only take 5 minutes of your time.

Therefore, it is important to value your skin and invest in maintaining its health. This holds true for both men and women to keep yourselves looking young and feeling great.

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