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6 Signs You Are Washing Your Face Wrong

By Kumutha

The building block to a clear, glowing skin is cleansing your face of dirt and grime buildup. The thumb rule to washing your face is simple - rub, rinse, pat and dry, right? NO. There is more to cleaning the face, than a half-awaken rinse or lathering on the facial foam in a hurry.

Washing the face seems to be a pretty straight-forward job, no brain. However, you will be surprised how many people get it wrong, every single time! What you need to look out for is signs that you are washing your face wrong!

The first mistake to avoid when washing your face is taking your hands which are pretty-much a breeding ground for bacteria, near your face, without cleaning them, first!

The second sign that you are washing your face wrong is using a product that does not go with your skin tone. It is like signing up for breakout and dull skin.

In order to perfect your face wash routine and set the tone for an amazing skin, we did some research on how to wash your face right and the results are interesting.

Here are 6 signs you are washing your face wrong!

Temperature Of Water

What you should not do when washing your face is go for temperature too high or too low. High water temperature can either scald your face or make your skin dry. Similarly, very cold water can cause skin irritation. The skin-safe temperature is lukewarm water, which will work to cleanse your face without stripping it off its natural oil.

Not Removing Traces Of Makeup

One of the key signs that you are washing your face wrong is not removing the lingering traces of makeup. Most makeup today tends to be waterproof; this is especially the case with mascara and eyeliner. And water and cleansing foam is not strong enough to remove every last residue of makeup. So, unless you want to deal with clogged pores and pimples, remove your makeup first before washing your face!

Using The Wrong Cleanser

Golden rule! Buy a facial cleanser that is pH balanced, skin-neutral and preserves the acid mantle of your skin. Now, there are two options available in facial cleanser - cream-based and foam-based. Foam-based cleansers work to break down the oil production of the skin, so it is best suited for combination to oily skin. And the light formula of cream-based cleansers is ideal for mature or dry skin.

Cleansing Too Often/Or Not Often Enough

We heard the rule - wash your face twice a day! But is that rule really applicable for your skin type? There is a lot of dirt and bacteria that get transferred to your skin in a day. So, check your skin, and determine if it needs cleansing. If you are a gym-goer, you might want to wash your face before and after your workout session along with your regular cleansing routine. Same thumb rule goes if you apply too much makeup in a day.

Not Washing Thoroughly

Taking off your cleanser is just as important as applying it. The right way to wash your face is when you are rinsing. Rub on the areas where lather tends to accumulate, like the corner of your nose, behind your ears or the hairline. Splash repeatedly, until you feel your skin is smooth, and not greasy!

Scrubbing Rather Than Pat Drying

One uncompromising rule of how to wash your face, is to NEVER scrub your face rigorously with a towel. Treat your skin like it is a baby's skin. Rubbing rigorously can lead to wrinkles and premature signs of aging. Instead, pat it dry with a soft towel, until it is almost dry.

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