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Natural Remedies To Treat Skin Boils After Waxing

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Summers are characterised by a hot and humid weather in most parts of India. During this season, both men and women prefer to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts.

There are various good reasons to dress in these cotton-based outfits, one of these reasons is to avoid getting roasted in the heat.

Most men and many women are blessed with hair on the body to protect them from pathogens. However, when the hair on the body is in an excessive amount, it can lead to infections due to sweat and bacteria.

Remedies To Treat Skin Boils

It can also lead to you being disappointed because you could not wear your favourite shorts.

There are many ways to remove hair on the body. One of these ways is to shave it, but this is considered to be harsh for skin cells. Shaving also causes thicker hair to re-grow in a haphazard manner.

A radical but safe way to remove hair on the body is to opt for laser surgery. However, this is an expensive and tedious technique.

Contrary to the popular belief, laser surgery doesn't give you a flawless skin with absolutely no hair. It reduces the thickness and quantity of your hair over a long period of time, with a number of sittings.

Remedies To Treat Skin Boils

Waxing is popular amongst women of all ages. Waxing is a safer technique as compared to shaving, but not as radical as a laser surgery.

However, waxing to remove hair on a sensitive skin can result in annoying and painful boils. Continue reading to know how you can use natural ingredients to soothe your skin and get rid of these boils.

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Never wash your skin with hot water after waxing, as this can lead to skin irritation. Make sure that you wash your skin with cold water and dab it dry before applying any of these natural remedies on your skin.

These remedies work best when all the wax has been washed away.

Remedies To Treat Skin Boils

Cucumbers: Cucumbers have both anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. Cutting cucumbers into thick slices and very gently rubbing these slices on your skin can give you a quick relief.
Cooling the cucumbers in the fridge for 5-10 minutes before using can also help.
Applying ice cubes is not recommended, as this can shock your skin after it has been recently waxed. Repeat twice in a day, until the boils vanish for good!

Aloe Vera: If you have an aloe vera plant in your garden, then cut open a leaf. Use the gooey gel to soothe your skin. Ensure that you have washed the leaf well with plain water before cutting it open.

Remedies To Treat Skin Boils

Don't have access to an aloe vera plant? Simply purchase pure aloe vera gel then applying a small quantity of this gel can work wonders. Refrain from using commercial brands of aloe vera products, such as skin creams to get rid of the skin boils after waxing. Repeat twice in a day, until your skin is not painful anymore.

Calendula: Calendula has strong antiseptic properties that can help soothe your skin. If you have a bottle of calendula tincture, then dilute it before use. 1 part of calendula tincture and 1 part of water is an ideal mix.

You can also get a calendula ointment from any homoeopathic pharmacy easily. Apply a very thin layer of the calendula ointment on the affected skin and let it dry completely. Repeat as and when needed.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 5, 2016, 11:06 [IST]
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