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Use These Kitchen Herbs For Glowing And Radiant Skin In 15 days

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You must not miss out the power of herbs in making your skin fair and glowing. These are the nature's bleeding for our skin which we normally ignore.

We usually rely on chemical creams and other skin treatments to get fair skin and overlook theses common kitchen herbs.

You can get these common fresh herb from your local market or may be already in your kitchen. These plant products are rich in many ingredients which benefit our skin from within and the beauty reflects from outside.

We must make full use of these natural products fro our skin and shun all chemical laden products.

We are all families with some common herbs such as aloe, jojoba, rose, and lavender a for skin but do you know the power of some other herbs such as mint and sage etc,

Read on the article to know the kitchen herbs that can do wonders for your beauty.


Mint Leaves

It fades away skin pigmentation and blemishes. Mint has a cooling effect on your face which increases blood circulation and makes your skin glowing. It also relieves skin itching and irritation of sunburnt skin.


Basil Leaves

It has antibacterial action ans is used for sensitive skin which catches infections quickly. IT will remove all dirt and oil form your skin pores as well. Make use of basil leavers for a glowing and fresher skin.


Licorice Powder

It will soothe your skin and reduce inflammation. It also kills all skin infections thus removes acne and pimples. You can make a paste of Licorice powder and apply it on your face.


Rosemary Oil

Apply rosemary oil on your skin protects it from dullness and acne. It is also good for you hair as it promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair. Apply rosemary oil on your face before going for sleep.


Sage Leaves

Make a paste of sage leaves and apply it on your face to kill all types of bacteria and fungal infections. It makes your skin young, clear and glowing. Sage is also rich in antioxidants which prevents skin ageing and also reduces skin inflammation.


Eucalyptus Oil

This oil not only makes your skin younger looking but will also keep mosquitoes away from your skin. It kills skin infections, acne and pimples to give you a radiant skin.


Lemongrass Powder

It has natural antibacterial action ans thus kills all skin infections. It acts a best skin toner and cleanser for sensitive skin. Apart form this it also relieves tension and anxiety.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 14:00 [IST]
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