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    How To Clean Your Beauty Blender Perfectly?

    By Tanya Ruia

    Every girl loves makeup and the accessories that complete your makeup. But, do you like your makeup accessories dirty? Do you know dirty makeup blenders, brushes, sponges, puffs, etc. are the breeding grounds for germs and bacteria that can harm your skin?

    Applying makeup is all fun and cool till it comes to cleaning. Cleaning makeup is as painful as cleaning the makeup accessories. But, you can't be complaining of the pimples and the after effects of makeup if you cannot maintain some hygiene. Every place requires some hygiene and so do your makeup tools. That pretty little egg-shaped blender is very satisfying and blending makeup with it is more satisfying. But, do you know how to clean your blender perfectly?

    How To Clean Your Beauty Blender Perfectly?

    Why Is It Important To Clean The Beauty Blender After Use?

    • All the dirt, sweat and germs from your face stick to your beauty blender after use and give a good ground for them to breed.
    • It makes the beauty blender rough and unhealthy for the next use.
    • Cleaning of the beauty blender keeps it fresh and healthy for a longer use.
    • Cleaning and maintaining hygiene of the beauty blender helps in protecting the facial skin from pimples, clogging, etc.

    How To Clean Your Beauty Blender At Home Using Baby Shampoo

    The simple process of cleaning your beauty blender is ideally you should wash your beauty blender with plain water after every use till the water runs clear. But, does that actually remove all the bacteria and properly clean the blender? Of course not.! It needs much more than plain water.

    What could be a better cleanser than baby shampoo? We all know that baby shampoos are very mild and made considering the sensitive and tender skin of the kids. So, the mildness will definitely cleanse your beauty blender and make it appropriate for the long run use. Here is how you can keep your beauty blender clean and germ-free:

    Things required

    • A mild baby shampoo
    • Running warm water (warm water kept in a bowl/mug will get cooled down and the cleansing needs a bit of pressure as well)
    • Thick paper napkins

    How to do it

    • A dry beauty blender looks very small and contracted than it's original size. So, to convert it into its original size, put it under the running warm water for a minute or two. 
    • After it turns into its original size, put 2-3 drops of the baby shampoo and rub the beauty blender gently. Rub it with the help of your left palm and fingers of your right hand.
    • Rub it for like 45 seconds to 1 minute as it will help in extracting all the dirt and the leftover makeup from it.
    • After that, put the beauty blender under the running warm water and rub it thoroughly till the water runs clean. You will observe that all the dirt and the leftover makeup will come out of the beauty blender and it will start to appear clean slowly.
    • Nicely squeeze out the water from the beauty blender and if you see more dirt coming out, again put it under the running warm water and rub it. But, if clean water comes out, it means that your beauty blender is completely clean.
    • With the help of a thick tissue, rub the beauty blender properly to dry it out. Your blender is ready and hygienic for the next use.

    Tips To Keep Your Beauty Blender Clean

    If you keep your beauty blender clean on a regular basis, you won't have to undergo much hassle when you clean it after a long time. Following are a few tips for keeping your beauty blender clean:

    • Wash your beauty blender always after use. Do not be lazy and procrastinate the washing and cleansing of your beauty blender. Wash it immediately after use.
    • Some oil never hurts. Cleansing your beauty blender with some coconut oil mixed with some liquid soap will loosen the dirt and help in easily taking it out of the beauty blender.
    • The storage of your beauty blender plays a major role in keeping it clean. Do not keep it in a closed space after cleansing it. Always keep it in a dry, open and cool place to keep it ready and hygienic for the next use.

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