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10 Fruit Peel Face Masks For Glowing Skin

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Everyone wants a glowing skin naturally, without having to spend all our money on it. We've all heard how good it is for our skin to eat fruits. But did you know that you can make fruit peel face masks at home for glowing skin? Yes, so remember this little fact before you throw away those fruit peels in the trash.

Eating fruits causes skin hydration from within. Fruits contain a lot of vitamins and fruit waters that even when applied directly to the skin can make the skin supple and soft. There are many home remedies using fruit peels that you could use to get a glowing skin.

Fruit peels offer solutions to a wide range of skin problems, like tanning, ageing and dark spots. The trick lies in knowing which peel to use for which skincare purpose. We will be sharing with you how to use fruit peels for a glowing skin in this article.

Here's a list of the best fruit peel face masks to use when you want a glowing skin!


Orange Peel Mask

Orange peels actually have a higher vitamin C content than the actual fruit . Throwing the peel away seems like such a waste. Make a mix of yogurt, honey and orange peel in the blender. Make sure you cut the peels into small sizes to make blending easier. This is a great mask to get fresh, youthful skin right before an event.


Banana Peel Mask

Mash banana peels and add an egg yolk to it. Use a blender to make a paste. It is best to use an overripe banana as the black peels have a higher sugar content. This works as a skin tightening mask and is best for early signs of ageing.


Mango Peels

This is not a mask. Mango peels can just be directly applied on the skin without mixing any additional ingredients. Mangoes are storehouses of moisture. This is one of the best fruit peels for a glowing skin. However, people with very sensitive skin should stay away from it.


Lemon Peel Mask

Make a mix of lemon peel and honey. Mix this in the blender. This is great for anyone facing discolouration of the skin, as lemon is a really good natural bleaching agent.


Apple Peel Mask

The maximum nutrients in an apple are actually found in its peel. The peel contains antioxidants and hence it is great to get rid of impurities. Blend apple peel pieces in a blender with some yogurt and that's it. Your DIY fruit peel mask for glowing skin is ready!


Papaya Peel Mask

Mix pieces of papaya peel and honey together in a blender to make a paste. Apply this all over the face. Papaya is great for lightening the skin and even for facial hair, as papayas contain enzymes which help break down hair follicles.


Grape Peel Mask

We know that peeling grapes can be really difficult, so it isn't an issue at all if some of the pulp comes along with it. Grape peels are known to reduce all signs of ageing. There is no way to stop ageing completely. All this does is delay the process naturally.


Peach Peel Mask

Haven't you all seen peach milk moisturisers? We bet you have. Mix pieces of peach peel and milk together to make a yummy smelling mask that is rich in vitamins and minerals and is super hydrating. Definitely one of the best DIY fruit peel face masks.


Passion Fruit Peel Mask

Passion fruit looks like an orange but isn't one and tastes completely different. The insides are purple coloured and not orange. Passion fruit peels contain vitamins that help in cell regeneration on the face. This is one of the best fruit peel face masks for a glowing skin.


Avocado Peel Mask

Mix the fleshy part of avocado peel and milk together in a blender. This is the best home remedy using fruit peels for very dry skin. Avocado is a very good moisturiser.

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Story first published: Friday, August 26, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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