3 Facials Guaranteed To Give You Glowing Skin At Home

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If you're looking for a way to pamper your skin, then going for a facial may be the way to go. These facials for glowing skin are definitely worth it to pamper your skin and that too at home!

Basic monthly facials for glowing skin are a requirement. It is suggested that after a certain age, that is 25, one should go to the salon and get a monthly facial done, in order to keep the skin looking youthful and supple. But before rushing to the salon, check out our step by step procedure to do a facial at home using natural products!

These come in various forms, be it fruit facials, gold facials or a basic clean up. Facials are really important for glowing skin. But it does not mean that you have to go to the salon and shell out every bit of the money you have, on these facials.

Isn't it a lot better to do these facials for glowing skin at home, where you're a lot more comfortable and you wouldn't even have to spend too much money?

So, try doing a facial at home. Here are some facials for glowing skin with the step by step procedure, for 3 different skin types.


For Dry Skin - Cleanse:

Cleanse your face with milk, using a cotton ball. The milk should be lukewarm, and not too hot or cold.


For Dry Skin - Scrub

Use a scrub made of powdered oats and honey to get rid of the dead skin cells and to make the skin look polished.


For Dry Skin - Pack

Apply yogurt on your entire face and then wash it off after 15-20 minutes. This helps brighten the skin and keeps the skin soft and supple. Wash this off using plain water.


For Dry Skin - Moisturise

Moisturise using your regular moisturiser.


For Oily Skin - Cleanse

Cleanse your face using a mix of baking soda and water. This helps absorb excessive oil from the face and leaves the skin smooth.


For Oily Skin - Scrub

Make a scrub out of sugar and olive oil to get rid of dead skin cells, while keeping the skin mildly hydrated.


For Oily Skin - Pack

Use a clay face pack. Multani mitti or Fuller's earth is very easily available and it helps get rid of excessive oil on the skin.


For Oily Skin - Moisturise

Just because you have oily skin, it does not mean you don't need to moisturise. Use a gel-based moisturiser. That's the final step for the step by step procedure for facial at home.


For Combination Skin - Cleanse:

You can use coconut oil to cleanse your face, using a cotton ball. An oil will help you get rid of dirt and grime at the deepest levels. This is the first step in the facial for glowing skin at home.


For Combination Skin - Scrub

Use a scrub made out of strawberry and yogurt. Strawberry will help polish your skin gently, which is the best for combination skin.


For Combination Skin - Pack

Use a turmeric face pack, mixed with milk and coconut oil and keep it on for 20 minutes. This will give your combination skin the required glow and keep excessive oiliness at bay!


For Combination Skin - Moisturise

It is the best for combination skinned ladies to use a water-based moisturiser. And this concludes the step by step procedure on how to do facial at home using natural products.

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