Eyebrow Hacks That Will Change Your Look

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The way your eyebrows look can be the actual game changers for your face. This wasn't that focussed on earlier. However, these days, it is essential to have eyebrows that define your facial features perfectly. These eyebrow hacks, which we have listed below, will change your lives for sure.

In the past, thin eyebrows were considered as the "In" thing or even the look that suits most people best. Go look at old pictures of actresses from both Hollywood and Bollywood and you'll know exactly what we are talking about.

But, thankfully, some genius just discovered the marvels that thick brows are and can make one look. Thick eyebrows can help frame your face and add a nice definition and depth to your face.

After you see yourself with thick, well-defined brows, you'd wonder exactly why you spent such a long time over-tweezing them. These eyebrow hacks are meant to make sure that your eyebrows are always on fleek.

So, make sure you follow the present trend of thick eyebrows and keep at it to have your face look complete.

You will be surprised at how much of a difference well-groomed and well-defined brows can make. Have a look at the eyebrow hacks, now.

1. Tweeze: Only tweeze out the extras from your eyebrows while retaining their natural shapes.

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2. Trim: Trim the hair, so that none of the extra hair sticks out and looks odd. This is one important eyebrow hack to remember.
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3. Comb: Buy an eyebrow comb. You can use a hairspray to set the hair in place by spraying it on the eyebrow comb.
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4. For eyebrow growth: Make a DIY eyebrow growth serum using castor oil and aloe vera gel. This will help your eyebrows grow faster.
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5. Pencil: Line your eyebrows along the natural arch of your brows and fill them in wherever you see a bald spot.
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6. Set: Set your eyebrows in place using a clear mascara. This is one of the best eyebrow hacks you would ever find.
eyebrow hacks to try

7. Highlight: Use a white eyeliner pencil to line the arch of your eyebrows. Smudge out the eyeliner. This makes the eyebrows look extra prominent. With these eyebrow hacks you could change your look with ease.
eyebrow hacks to try
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Story first published: Friday, October 21, 2016, 17:00 [IST]
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